Netflix: The best series and movie premieres to watch in August

netflix platform
Follow as one of the favorite for users who want to enjoy movies and series online. In August 2023, the platform promises an exciting line-up of premieres with options for all tastes.

Chief among the innovations to be expected are A new comedy starring the talented Adam Sandler. The actor has proved successful in this genre and his films always create high expectations among the audience.

Furthermore, documentary lovers will be looking forward to the release of a film that addresses the issues of impact and The complex court battle that ensued during the divorce of famous Hollywood celebrities, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This documentary promises to provide a deep and revealing look at the details and results of this arbitration process.

movies that release

  • August 1: Last day of your name.
  • August 1: Travelers.
  • August 10: Mi boda con un fantas.
  • August 11: Agent Stone: he guesses movies starring gal gadot, promises a resounding success.
  • August 15: Rocketman.
  • August 15: Pride and Prejudice.
  • August 16: Ted.
  • August 16: Gladiator.
  • August 25: You’re Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!: a comedy starring Adam Sandler Directed by Sammy Cohen.
  • August 25: Criminal Lecturers’ Club.
  • August 31: Elijo Amoro.

series that premiered

  • August 3: Heartstopper (Season 2).
  • August 3: El Abogado del Lincoln (Season 2 – Part 2).
  • August 4: Seducian Lethal (Vol. 2).
  • August 8: Zombieverse.
  • August 10: Deadly Drug.
  • August 12: Special Liaison.
  • August 16: El Alegido.
  • August 16: At Fury House.
  • August 18: La Chica Enmascarada.
  • August 20: The Walking Dead (Season 11).
  • August 24: Ragnarok (Season 3).
  • August 26: House of evil spirits.
  • August 31: One Piece.

Also, there will be premiere of one of the most anticipated documentaries by internet users: Depp Vs. heard. Which will be on stage on 16th August.

Preview of Netflix documentary with The Beach Divorce Verdict Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

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