Naomi Watts reveals early menopause: ‘It was very challenging’

Naomi Watts “Hello!” In a new interview with the magazine, where she talks about menopause and how the symptoms have affected her life, she describes the period as ‘very challenging’. In the conversation, Watts, 54, revealed that she went through menopause at an age when most women are still in their fertile period: at age 36.

According to the Ministry of Health, “Menopause generally occurs between the ages of 45 and 55. When it occurs around the age of 40, it is called premature or early menopause.

Naomi revealed: “Going through the menopause at such a young age was not easy, especially at a time when there was so little information available about it. Mood swings, night sweats and migraines… I felt like I was losing control,” he recalls.

She explained that she became her “best advocate for myself” and that the way she survived a “challenging period of adjustment” was to “seek help and understand more about what was going on”.

She added, “Going through this journey has given me a deeper understanding of myself and a more authentic sense of myself. There was a lot of freedom in self-identification. In the back of my mind were the voices that reminded me of how old women are left to graze, but there was an allure in wanting to be authentic, to crawl behind the invisible wall and just to recognize for myself something that maybe everyone One could have guessed.” commented.

Naomi Watts also talked about turning 50 and what it means for her work in Hollywood:

“The tide is turning…the age is coming. I am proud that I am still working”, he says. “When it used to be said that if you are over 40 you would basically be forced into retirement, seeing that change, it is empowering. There is a growing recognition that women’s stories don’t end at a certain age,” she shared.

cine biography

Naomi Watts participates in several interviews this week due to the debut of her new project, the thriller series “Welcome to the Neighborhood” (The Watcher) created by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan on Netflix and in conversation with “People” magazine . He addressed the possibility of turning his life into a film.

The 54-year-old actress confessed that she would like to make her biopic, but hasn’t given it a thought.

But he revealed that he has an actress in mind to play her in the production: “Oh my god, I don’t know… Saoirse Ronan!”

Naomi commented that the 28-year-old Saoirse, who has already been nominated for an Oscar four times, seemed like her ideal choice.

He added, “She’s fantastic at everything she does.”

Watts then remarked that the actress playing her ‘obviously has to be young’, laughing.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Naomi Watts’ new series is based on true events and stars her, Bobby Cannavale and Jennifer Coolidge, among others.

In the story, a family moves into their dream home, but discovers they’ve actually inherited a true nightmare, filled with sinister letters, strange neighbors, and scary threats.

Problems begin when, after the Brannock family relocates, a threatening letter arrives from a mysterious sender.

Seven chapters are available on Netflix now.

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