Meltdown by Travis Scott and Drake: Lyrics, Translations and Official Video

Cooperation most sought by the fundamentalists of travis scott that’s what i do Drake, this is called recession and describes the excellence of the two artists in the music industry. that’s why we’ve got you there today Letter And translation in Spanish so you can enjoy it.

Meltdown by Travis Scott and Drake: Lyrics

the voltage is definitely rising
wake up now
tea time, tea time
tee time, tee time, tee time
like at tea time i got a cup of this shit
Tee time like golf at quarter to six
i would love to fuck a regular bitch
famous hoe’s lame but they stay on my dick
Heard your new addition, it’s embarrassing, shit
you talk to the police on some therapist shit
you act like you love this american shit
But, in fact, the truth is that you are afraid of 6
yes you are afraid of 6
yes you are afraid of 6
your bodyguard suddenly did something
Now you wanna go and inherit that shit
Don’t talk about comparisons to the boy, fuck
or come to the boy on some arrogant shit
the weapons we got are some terroristic shit
TV producers like us, grr, we airin this shit
she’s asking for bread for her parents and shit
I told her, “I don’t have cash”, and she said she could wait at a rack, on some Arabic nonsense
I take out a million and stare at the shit
my cock went hard because a wire tripped
My schedule’s here, come and really turn us around
man, it’s all bullshit
I melt the chains that I bought from yo boss
fuck about all that legacy shit
Since V wasn’t around, the members called on Louis, who wasn’t even wearing the clothes he was wearing.
don’t come to boy to fix some mess
don’t come to the boy about to drop some shit
You’re lucky Vogue was suing, because I’d be in Paris with Vasas and shit(II-)
Are you nuts? Are you nuts? (Oh)
and they were afraid of the seven
One-three makes us eleven (yeah)
Keep this thing open like a 7-Eleven (It’s burning)
me at home, i got seven in heaven
They think I’m the devil, I worship me
lil’s a therapist, expose your shit
she turned to me and started confessing
I know what’s at stake, I’m screaming, “Free Jeffery”
Connect collect call directly to Celli
Gave him the blues, didn’t talk about abs
Don’t keep it honest, I go to Makaveli
I got juice, now it’s heavy (Juice)
Always on tee-time, be ready (tee, ah), yeah
Are you nuts? Do you f- (yeah, stoner, let’s go)
Wrap cheese, wrap around me ’cause I got property (Wrap, cheese, wrap)
Found Chocolate Epi and Chocolate Vs (Vs), Willy Wonka Factory (Vs)
Burn calories like an athlete, find another hot flame like me, bitch
yes are you crazy (No)
Are you nuts? (What?)
Are you nuts? (No. No)
Are you nuts? uh
Are you nuts? uh
are you talking nonsense
are you talking nonsense
Are you nuts?
I met these boys from Texas and played it up to a couple, maybe (couples, maybe)
Swinging in the pickup truck, baby, fuck Mercedes (Fuck Mercedes)
I’ll fuck a nigga bitch but she can’t have a baby (make a baby)
I’ll kick your ass at Walmart like I’m dababy (at Walmart)
Boy is Lionel Messi going, I’m going Tom Brady (woo)
Bust used to be worn down in my old days (woo)
Now I let the chains dangle, you might have to tie your chains (tie it, tie it)
Niggaz talkin’ Scarface, that’s me in real life (Ooh)
are you crazy or something Are you nuts? (Fuckin crazy)
Man, the club ain’t been the same since losing Mercedes (straight)
Man, the gang ain’t the same cause they lost the greatest (no, no, no)
We’re out with the army, so you need to -, uh-uh
Those boys rolling all over the brown like they’re whipping up gravy
Make a circus out there like it’s Barnum’s Belly (It’s burning)
Blicky’s hanging on my side, looks like it’s really banging (Blicky, Blicky, Blicky)
She toes her panties, she want it raw when it fades (Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?)
Are you nuts? uh
Are you nuts? uh
are you crazy or something
Are you nuts? Yes
are you crazy or something
are you talking nonsense
are you talking nonsense
Are you nuts?


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