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Illustration: Courtesy of Cathia Recio, Enexos

Los Laureles No Sun Como Los Pinones. Armando Navarro and I arrive at Cannes with a brief material selected for the 62nd week of criticism. He is, as a director and a producer, the only Mexican short film in the 2023 selection and one of the few national films in the world’s most important film festival. You might not have heard of Hayan from a short film called Arkhey. And that means this: I don’t make much noise. However, it was a big deal for us. The image of Cannes swallows everything: the Mediterranean Sea, the awards, the cinema itself. It’s like Manhattan: You’ve seen those buildings so many times in movies that being there is like being on set. There are places where it is difficult to get rid of the feeling of unreality. Cannes has a huge and heavy scent. A tufilo is a specialty that promotes a career and opens doors to a cruel world. I want to try to describe the smell that we are still infatuated with. The smell of stale reputation and hollow provocations, of unique opportunities and the worry of making them come true. The smell of Cannes that lingers on your clothes like cigarette smoke after a party, the smell of Greece after church.

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