Matt Damon remembers why he turned down a $250 million role in Avatar

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There are quite a few stories of actors in Hollywood who almost lived iconic movie characters, but for some reason couldn’t. tom cruise be almost iron Man or brad pitt or Spider ManBut Matt Damon also turned down the role Jake Sully In Avatar. During an interview with SFFGazette, the actor commented on missing out on one of Hollywood’s biggest box office draws.

Earlier Sam Worthington, James Cameron Matt went up to Damon and offered 10% of Avatar’s box office, What we know now is that there will be something around $250 million, Damon commented in the interview:

“I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest amount an actor has turned down, you know? I had a contract, I was in the middle of shooting the Bourne movie and I knew we had to work on this and I needed to get to the finish line and I had to leave the movie early and get everyone over there, and I did not mean to do it. I desperately wanted to work with Cameron. He works very little. I don’t know how I can leave all my friends. do you know what I mean?”

Matt Damon turned down Avatar, even though he was offered 10% of the production’s box office

Yet in the interview, Damon told about the reaction John KrasinskiOn rejecting an avatar:

“I told John Krasinski. We were writing lines for a movie called Promised Land a long time ago and we were in our kitchen on a Saturday morning. While stopping, I spoke about the Avatar and he got up from his chair. He started rocking back and forth and said, ‘If you had made this movie, nothing in your life would have been different, except the two of us would be having this conversation in space.’

most recent role of Matt Damon is on oppenheimerlatest production of Christopher Nolan, he lives in production leslie grovesa United States Army engineer who directed manhattan project, joins other big names like Damon Cillian Murphy, Florence Pugh, Robert Downey Jr. and Emily Blunt.

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