“Martial Arts Is My Therapy”

Jason Statham It could be listed as the ‘Viagra de las Franciasas’, and I believe Dwayne Johnson limited himself to that for a while. However, it is Statham who elevates and expands cinematographic sagas such as Nadi: ‘Fast and Furious’, ‘Los Mercenarios’, ‘Krank’, ‘The Transporter’ or ‘Megalodon’, which premiered today in Spain on Monday Is.Megalodon 2: La Fossa, In the post-star system, when Hollywood is no longer filling theaters with its heroes alone, Jason Statham is one of the few who can start a franchise based solely on his name.

Without a doubt, the big draw of Megalodon is its prehistoric shark, but Statham’s fight adds an extra charm. “No one in this industry knows what is waiting around the corner and who tells you otherwise. Sometimes you expect success and sometimes failure. You have to be watchful of those moves and not surrender when things don’t go your way”, Statham assured ABC a few months before declaring himself a Hollywood killer.

‘Megalodon 2: La Fossa’ takes place four years after the first part. In fact, this ‘Meg 2’ has been running since October 2018, right after the premiere of the original film. The logic is crushing: The film cost about $130 million and grossed over $530 million worldwide. In early 2019, producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirmed that he was working on a script, and a sequel was announced in October 2020. Ben Wheatley as director. “I’m addicted to adrenaline spikes. I’ve done a lot of busso over the years and when you encounter a shark for the first time, certain goosebumps go out of your body. It is a very authentic moment as the adrenaline kicks in. I don’t know why I need it, but I like the feel of it. The actor says, I focus on adrenaline addiction in my films and the more risk I take, the more adrenaline I have.

When Statham debuted as an actor in ‘Locked, Stock’, guy ritchie He chose this not because of his extensive knowledge of martial arts, but because of his experience on the streets, in front of a street in an open market. “It started very late, but I knew I could do it well and I liked the interpretation.” I am well aware of my limitations, what I can and cannot do in Hollywood. Trust me, it’s my turn to make money in less glamorous ways than action movies. It’s not so bad to shoot this type of film”, revealed Statham with his perfect English accent.

“In my training with martial arts, an inner control has developed. Most of the fools who create problems on the streets are those who do not know how to express their anger. We all carry that anger inside us, but it is important to train it, to control it. When endorphins are high, you feel better, many people who want to demonstrate what they are worth by holding others up are insecure people with ego problems, in short, idiots, ”martial artist It’s logic. The actor doesn’t stop shooting films despite being a tough guy, which the Hollywood circus doesn’t like much about. An actor who pokes fun at stars behaving like divas and makes sure to live by a code of values ​​inspired by martial arts. “Son my therapy”, he says.


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