Mariazel shocked the network in a white bikini

Spanish host and actress Mariazel continues to give people something to talk about every time she posts. social media. At 42, she is considered one of the most beautiful women on television, and thanks to her talent and charisma, she has managed to win a huge fandom that unconditionally accompanies her.

Mariazel posing. Source: Instagram @mariazelzel

Born in Barcelona, ​​having built her entire career on Mexican soil, she was practically adopted by those who consider themselves to be her fans. Mariazel From a very early age, she began to show that she was born to belong to the entertainment environment and in it she remains a celebrity.

Mariazel posing. Source: Instagram @mariazelzel

He has about 4 million followers on his account. instagram and it is there that the presenter shares photos and videos of her world of fame. Mariazel usually posts behind-the-scenes images of the programs she participates in, the trips she takes, her private moments of relaxation, and the poses in which she shows off the beautiful outfits she dresses in.

Mariazel’s post on Instagram

Over the last few hours Mariazel He once again dazzled all Internet users by making a new publication. At that time she was sunbathing by the pool, and in the video she was in a beautiful white bikini. The two piece outfit allowed her to showcase why she is considered one of the most beautiful and with one of the most stylized bodies.

Fast Mariazel On his Instagram account, he has collected thousands of likes, as well as many other similar videos in which he teaches fashion. His style is one of the most elegant and he never wears anything extravagant, let alone casual. The presenter and the actress are well versed in fashion and do not stop beating hearts.


Hold your breath before you meet Mariazel’s supernatural revelation.

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