Margot Robbie wears character perfume; Learn All About Harlequin and Barbie Fragrances

Photo: Playback/Instagram @margotrobbieofficial

actress margot robbie

Straight from Barbieland!

Already considered the highest paid actress in Hollywood today, margot robbie She is well known in film industry circles in the United States for a peculiarity: her fondness for perfumes and various fragrances.

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very star ofbarbieHe has already shared on social networks the perfumes he usually uses on a daily basis and has claimed that he uses the notes of those fragrances to enter his career and to embody specific characters whom he chooses.

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In an interview with MTV UK last Friday (21), the cast of “Barbie” revealed some secrets about the film.

The list makes it a “ritual” for Margot to appear in the film, which is already one of the most watched films of 2023 in theaters.

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According to information received from casting participants, actresses do their own hair, make-up, wear their costumes and perform only wearing a specific perfume.

For all recording times, the sequence was the same.

Photo: Playback/Instagram @margotrobbieofficial

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“So I said, ‘Okay, now I’m Barbie,'” she explained in the chat.

The name of the perfume or the brand of the product was not disclosed.

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