Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s Roles in Barbie Revealed: Is It The One?

Feature Film Directed by Greta Gerwig Is Winning Tequila Around the World

margot robbie or Ryan Gosling are the heroes of barbieThe film premiered in Spain on 20 July. Two actors were chosen to lead the band, directed by greta gerwigWhich has become a whole phenomenon in the summer of 2023. Sueldos was revealed to be involved in the project by Variety.

second published magazine, two interpreters he made the same accusation For your work at Largometrije. took each 12.5 million dollars, it is situated margot robbie Topping the list of highest paid actresses in Hollywood in 2022, the year the film was shot.

Since then, the investment in the distribution of the product and its great promotional campaign has paid off. barbie became his number one movie in the world In his first weekend and continued to win at Tequila. Box Office Mojo provides data on your worldwide recalls and indicates that you have achieved over $823 million From its inception until August 2 at El Miercoles.

best paid actors

Variety reveals other famous actors starring in the cast in 2022. best pay Tom CruiseTogether hundred million dollar thanks Top Gun: Maverick, however your case is very special. The medium explains that in addition to his salary, he receives a bonus for Strap’s performance at Tequila and also receives a percentage for his rent and issue in ‘streaming’.

ranking second Will Smithwhat is the rank 35 million per dollar to freedomdrama is available here Apple TV+, Thief 30 million follow up Leonardo Dicaprio thank you for los asesinos de la lunaa belt that still hasn’t premiered, and brad pittthat reaches similar figures for a project on Formula 1 I know that no title has been confirmed.

Dwayne Johnson frustrated 22.5 million per dollar black adam, The list continues with several actors whose remuneration has been found to be 20 million: will Ferrell ,spirit of christmas, Chris Hemsworth ,tyler rake 2, Vin Diesel ,fast and furiousx, Tom Hardy ,Venom 3, Joaquin Phoenix ,Joker 2, Ryan Reynolds ,spirit of christmas) And Denzel Washington ,equalizer 3,

according to the criteria of

trust project

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