Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt star in a tale of sex, drugs and riots at the cinema

Set in the 1920s, the film re-imagines the beginning of the Golden Age of Hollywood through characters inspired by real stars. (Paramount Pictures)

babylon (2022) Written and Directed by Damien Chazellesame director of Sprain (2014) or La la Land (2016) is a film that takes place at a time when the Hollywood industry is moving from silent cinema to sound cinema. It is not just a technological change, but a change of organization, of star systems, of aesthetics and ultimately of ethical codes. It is an ambitious dramatic account that traces the careers of a group of celebrities who criss-crossed their lives in that great period filled with material to tell stories.

From start to finish, Chazelle’s film talks, honors and discusses singing under the rain ,singing in the rain, 1952). A challenge fraught with risks, as it reminds us at all times that it makes the difference between an immortal masterpiece and a film without a clear course. singing under the rain is a musical produced by Arthur Freed for MGM, directed by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly and starring Kelly, Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds. The cinephile audience may not understand the problem babylon This comparison between the two titles. No podria haber dos productions mes opuestas en su glans sobre el cine.

"babylon" Portrays the transition from silent to sound cinema in Hollywood.  (Paramount Pictures)
“Babylon” marks the transition from silent to sound cinema in Hollywood. (Paramount Pictures)

The main characters are present at the festival along with the initiator of the Largometrje. An orgy involving an elephant, a minor killer and an absolutely outrageous amount of drugs, sex and alcohol. I call it Bacchanal after seeing Year of the Poop of an Elephant, which already announces a plethora of useless plans for Chazelle’s work. Yes, partly, this clumsiness is what causes it to last for over three hours. Fortunately, it is not a boring plot, but mainly a non-definite direction.

The main character is Manny Torres (diego calva) a young Mexican who dreams of being a part of cinema; Nellie LaRoy (margot robbie), an aspiring star who manages to join the party thanks to Manny; Jack Conrad (brad pitt), the biggest star of cinema at that time; Sidney Palmer (Jovan Adepo), a jazz musician who works in the Fiesta Orchestra, though he has high musical requirements; Elinor St. John (Gene Smart), a reporter of Hollywood jokes who keeps tabs on everyone; and Lady Fei Zhu (Li Jun Li), a lesbian cabaret singer who works for the studio.

The excesses, luxury and decadence in the past film industry.  (Paramount Pictures)
The excesses, luxury and decadence in the past film industry. (Paramount Pictures)

The six characters intersect, even though the real three protagonists are Manny, Nellie, and Jack. Elinor has the power to reflect this entire world, and the characters of Sidney and Lady Fay seem to make more of a social point than a cinematic one. Whereas babylon Show your connection with the present, your strength is waning. Not talking about classic Hollywood, talking about the director’s hatred of the current industry.

You are exposed to details and quotes ranging from concrete movies and real names to historical details and more subtle and complex references. From Fatty Arbuckle to Anna May Wong, sifting through a thousand little pearls. It is also possible to estimate the influence of the telenovela the great Gatsby, continuing to summarize the scores of other tasks. Those who don’t know about cinema will almost certainly get lost. The only diversion it offers is a reconstruction of a period in which Hollywood’s lack of control reached its highest point, then gave up and changed course with the birth of sound productions and the advent of censorship.

"babylon" Vs "For over a week… Hollywood"Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt in two different takes on The Seventh Art.  (Paramount Pictures)
“Babylon” vs. “Habiya Una Vez En…Hollywood”: Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt in Two Different Approaches to the Seventh Art. (Paramount Pictures)

Damien Chazelle has a lot of ambition. His view of the stage on stage and a montage playing to the beat of the music create several impressive scenes, though mostly without much meaning. Ironically, the quietest scenes are the ones that work best and, least of all, don’t feel left out. Pas Muchas Cosas N babylon And there are situations of different tones, starting with comedy and gradually moving towards a more obscure story. The tragedy is announced from the beginning, but what is not easy to establish is that the director wants to decide on what is shown. This film looks like the story of someone who hates cinema, not someone who loves it.

Sidney’s character is closest to the director’s subjects, this trumpeter has no reason to be in the film except for his condemnation of racism, but in the end we understand why the director put it in. It is believed to represent artistic dignity within the chaos of Hollywood, which is Chazelle’s own subject. something like a hero La la Land. It seems that the filmmaker is more inclined to work in a small jazz club than to direct films. We don’t rate it based on that, it’s definitely your perspective on art. On a positive note, we can enjoy the work of charismatic stars like Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt. Hes poco elos furon is a true movie hero who loves cinema: For over a week… Hollywood (2019) by Quentin Tarantino.

Between ambition and criticism in the world of cinema "babylon",
Between ambition and criticism in the world of cinema in “Babylon”.

babylon available for viewing paramount+ or star+,

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