Liam Payne admits being part of One Direction left him with ‘scars’

singer liam paynealready known to be part of the extinct quintet in the same directionIf you feel very “lucky” for the life that stardom has provided you.

British singer, aged 29, father of a so-called child Beers with his former partner Cheryl Tweedyenjoys a satisfying career alone, though not as successful as his former partner Harry StylesAnd recently successfully completed three months of treatment in the United States to reinforce his new standards of healthy living.

With the perspective that it brings maturity and speed of time, The interpreter has come to the conclusion that his excesses with alcohol have already passed, which is why he was finally admitted to a specialized clinicPartly due to the “scars” that further fueled his artistic popularity: his nearly six years in a youth group born out of the ‘Factor X’ programme.

While you may not regret the path you took, you now understand that, when the band formed in 2010, it was too young to recover from its initial fame.

“When we started I didn’t really know what I was doing. But I have been doing this job since I was 14 and I feel very fortunate to have found it. It’s great, but I definitely think it has left scars on me.”, recognized by the Colombian broadcaster W Radio. “When you start this profession, you have to deprive yourself of many things. I wouldn’t change anything that got me here, but now I believe I better understand why and how I got here”, he said.

The pop star, who recently confirmed a reconciliation with his fiancee Kate Cassidy, with whom he had an unhappy and on-and-off relationship for the past few years, is now more confident in himself and has a more positive outlook towards the future. Are., In fact, the frankness with which she expresses herself about the difficulties she has faced in the last decade, she responds to a mission: to help young artists who, like at the time, had a situation Let us enter the world of the show Bholepan Ka.

“Lo bueno es que tengo algo desir, y If I can help others who find themselves in my place, not so much at the level of fame Ring the bell to stop them from going down the same path as me, I have achieved my life’s dream”, sentenced Liam Payne.

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