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Three retired soldiers, Fraver, Grush and Graves, former children, testified in a US Chamber of Representatives audience that UFOs, “non-human” bodies and spaceships in the shape of a mint bottle, and the government have hidden them. Grush, who has filed a judicial complaint over the matter, confessed only a month earlier that he had not seen them in person, but said they existed. Of no greater interest than what he himself says under oath, the only certain thing is that the litany de nuevo uno de los mitos mias perdurables del siglo XX: el encuentro con otros que vienen del cielo.

“We’re the only example of what we’re looking for,” says Jason Wright, the renowned astrophysicist who founded the Center for Extraterrestrial Studies at Penn State University. This has encouraged the astronomical community to look for signs of life, in addition to traces of technology from civilizations that may have disappeared before we had the ability to reach them. But, in fact, we are looking for the possibility of repeating ourselves, in some evidence that reassures us not to feel unique, in other words, alone.

The myth has been lived up to in various ways. For example, Americans have been militaristic. Le dan el mismo nombre, “the alien”, a un extranjero en la bordera que a un extraterrestre. It considers it a “national security problem” noting the fact that one of these devices could affect a US territory as large as “Tic Tac”. Your scientists are concerned about the seriousness of the subject. In the fall of 1961, astronomer Frank Drake called Melvin Kelvin Carl Sagan, the Nobel laureate in chemistry – who was informed of the difference only when they were meeting and everything ended up in erasers with champagne – and became one of the leaders of the project. One from Manhattan, Philip Morrison. From there, the Drake Formula emerged, which, as he confessed, only serves to “organize all the things we ignore.” The formula for “number of detectable civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy” or “n” will yield the rate of star birth, the fraction of stars that host planets, the number of habitable planets for each planetary system. These are the planets on which life develops, the fraction of life on which intelligence develops, the fraction of intelligence on which communication technology develops and the average period over which civilizations can be traced. Neither there is any result of the formula nor there is any such intention. For example, in 1961, we didn’t know much about the planets in our known solar system. But perhaps the important part of the Drake Formula is that it proposes that intelligent beings are on their own planets and not sending spaceships with passengers. It’s a stark difference from the Pentagon’s militaristic approach, which is looking for equipment to clutter up our skies.

American fans, who are reported to account for 92 percent of the 126,000 world sightings, believe the extraterrestrial encounter to be something that has already happened, but which the government is hiding. It is this chronic political mistrust that confuses central government with planned centralism, in some cases, with traits of “communism”, a “foreign” way of life. Soviet central plan in opposition to corporate independence from capitalism cold war, solidified together with the myth of the flying platillo and humanoid extraterrestrials with gouged eyes and extreme anorexia. Those who believe in this conspiracy risk deep political malaise: the secrecy of federal affairs and cover-ups of all kinds after September 11, from the Kennedy assassination to Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction.” Mistrust of “authority” is, for many conservative Americans, a form of resistance, even if they ultimately believe in it, being the “independent principle” in which Clinton tortured children in pizzeria basements who had There are no dungeons, in QAnon and Roswell. not for nothing aliens In men in Black (1997) crossing the northern border of Mexico.

In Mexico, supernatural beings are different. Aliens are colonialist invaders who plunder cultural heritage. since Aztec Momiya vs Human Robot (Rogelio A. González, 1957), where the loco scientist’s intention is to rob a coffer and a sacred bracelet from an Aztec mother, the purpose of the meeting is to prevent us from being robbed. The majority of Mexican supernatural cinema consists of combatants, el santo or blue Demonagainst Martians or latex extraterrestrial spiders, to comics like Viruta and Capulina, el piporro, el caballo With a minimally dressed Venusian like Rosa, Ana Bertha Leppe, Adriana Roel or Lorena Velazquez. in one of them, Chabello and Pepito Spies (Jose Estrada, 1973), the comics explore alien children called blue-eyed rubies who have been enslaved by deep-seated Mexican children using fayuca toys.

But for those who were dismayed by the US military and the children’s audience of the past, perhaps there is a way to end this story with two thoughts from Jason Wright: If we do find life outside of our planet some day, It would be microbes, and if they are malevolent creatures, it is possible that we are coming to see a movie.

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