Just one incident with Britney Spears sparks craziness for Wembanyama’s debut in the NBA. relief

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Ha legado el dia. Or at least primer deselo de lo que pued lager a ser Victor Vembanyama en la nba. French player selected No. 1 in the draft by the San Antonio Spurs, will play this evening His first minutes as an NBA player at the Summer League in Las Vegas, A competition in which novices seek advantage to present their credentials to mayors and in which temporos seek advantage to win a contract. El Nuevo ‘Unicornio’ del Baloncesto.

The Frenchman hasn’t played a single other NBA match and has already created history in the league. This is the first time that the 19,500 seats of the Thomas & Mack Center at the University of Las Vegas will be completely filled To watch the first match of the Summer League. Sales are boosted by the presence of ‘Wemby’ and there are no tickets for sale two days before the party.

And not because the prices are downright affordable for watching a friendly summer match. The average price of tickets is 148 dollars (about 135 euros). Tickets for the San Antonio Spurs’ last game are more than twice as expensive on average—$69 per seat They played at home ground last season. Two tickets to see the rooster’s debut in the first row cost $850 (775 euros), more than three times what the same seats to see Milwaukee-Phoenix the next night would cost.

Not since the arrival of LeBron James in 2003 has anyone remembered so many expectations for a rookie debut in the NBA. And along comes the opponent he must face. Aldestino (or not) wanted to be maverick and I think so Wembanayama’s Spurs started against the Charlotte Hornets with Michael Jordan and Brandon Miller selected at right back. Dell pivoted roster as the No. 2 pick in the draft.

Furthermore, for Barca fans who are in full token gluttony, this encounter will be quite a disappointment. Los Adepts Azulgranas Tendran An opportunity to see Wembanyama up against Barca player James Nnaji, who has already made a good impression on his debut with the Carolina-based franchise Against the Warriors, with 5 points on 2/2 shooting from the field, 4 rebounds and 1 tap in 17 minutes.

On the ground, Vembanyama will be the main protagonist of the first party of the Las Vegas Summer League. It will also be the star of NBA Con, the first conference for lovers of the best league in the world. Will be one of the No. 1 picks of the draft NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will open the event with and Charla will attend, along with league legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

a problem and a complaint

however, All the craziness created by Victor Vembanyama’s debut has been overshadowed by one incident Last days in Las Vegas. Britney Spears has denounced that one of the members of the French player’s security team attacked her when she tried to get the attention of the axle.

The other singer, in an attempt to draw his attention to a picture for Vembanyama to see, hurled a jab at the man and he got hit. face to a member of the player’s personal securityand that he made mistakes: “Your security hit me in the face without looking back, in front of the crowd. I nearly fell and mistakes made me fall”.

For his part, Vembanyama stated that he did not say that Spears was the person who captured him a few hours later. “Something happened when I went to a restaurant with little security equipment. We were in Pasillo. There were many people who were calling me. There was a person calling me, but we already talked securely. I couldn’t stop. The person was calling me “señor, senior” and the person grabbed me from behind.

guillermo garcía

Passionate about the ball since childhood, Guillermo García Canasta managed to make the sport his profession. with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Humanities from Universidad Carlos III

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