Just for the Little Ones: Gloria Groove Was Part of the Magic Balloon Class

A phenomenon of Brazilian pop music and drag art, Gloria Groove was already a star before she assumed the image of Lady Leste with hits like ‘Bumbam de Oro’, ‘Vermelho’ and ‘Bonquinha’.

Music was already part of Daniel García’s life, congratulating Napoleon since birth by his mother Gina García, who was the lead singer of the band Roca Negra, but at the age of seven, when he joined the latest Started adopting art as a profession. Formation of Turma of Magical Balloons.

The group launched in 2002 during Domingo Legal with the Gugu libretto, with the participation of Renan Ribeiro, Bianca Alencar and Gabriela Milani. For registration reasons, the group was renamed Galera do Balao and Daniel also recorded a CD with the new members.

The new formation of the group ended in 2003, however, as Daniel continued with projects for children and ventured into dubbing animations, series and films, including dubbing Justin Bieber in the film ‘Never Say Never’, in ‘Digimon Xeros’ The dubbing of Mickey Kudo’s character was also included. Wars’ and Jake Hollowing in ‘Power Rangers: Megaforce’.

In 2016, Daniel began his music career as Gloria Groove, releasing his debut album ‘O Procedure’ in 2017, which brings Daniel’s story and his quest as a drag queen artist to the public.

Gloria Groove’s first big hit came in 2017 with the breakthrough single ‘Bumbam de Oro’. In 2018, the artist collaborated with Leo Santana in ‘Arrasta’ and since then, she has been releasing other great hits, the last CD being ‘Lady Leste’, which will be on stage at the Bahia Winter Festival.

The artist takes the stage at the Bahia Winter Festival on August 26 with Javan, Leo Santana and Lincoln. Tickets for the event are available for sale on the Simpla website and are priced at BRL 89.


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