Julio Urias beats Los Atlético to earn eighth win of the season – El Sol de Sinaloa

sinalon pitcher Julio Urias I returned victorious with them los angeles dodgersFacing the worst, getting a good exit mlb team, Them oakland athletics, Final slate favors 8-2 Los Angelenos.

uriah maximum work done 68 Domestic Releaseto secure his eighth win of the season, supported by dodgers grand offensive, I have to be defeated in the first five entries of the encounter.

Next Step: Julio Urias to face Los Atlético de Oakland

L “Kulichi” gets three hits, bases and punches five enemies, To bring down its efficiency to 4.69, a bit high, but it could improve for the season, which will start in the month of September.

encounter race

Since then second inning dodgers, opened the marker with a double Miguel Rojas, Que Se Fue Jardín Izquierdo, Para Que kike hernandez Write the first raita of commitment; despues para la tercera el mismo miguel rosas, there with another duplicity, I wear Max Muncy for Plato.

The Dodgers were relieved when Urias left the game, allowed in the upper part of the sixth entrance, which jack galof To get closer to the marker, beat a quadrilateral.

Dodgers start four-race rally for friday night, with a hit Considering Will Smith, Austin Barnes, So Amed Rosario with double boost to more spikes Mookie Bates and Will Smith; david peralta There the rally ended with a sensillo, Considering Rosario L 6-1.

for octaves, Oakland took the second quarter of the nightwith “Bombejo” Tyler Soderstorm, Putting the ball between the right and center yards for a 2-6.

Freddy Freeman No question, a quatrain en la octava baja, para e 7-2, ademas de que chris taylor With a high produjo el 8-2 sure, de los pies de Jason Hayward.


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