Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac’s friendship turns sour after intimate scenes in Scenes from a Wedding; Understand

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac have known each other since before the miniseries — and they’ve always been good friends

friend of many years, jessica chastain it is Oscar Isaac Had a strained relationship after acting a wedding sceneby miniseries HBO which portrays a couple that deteriorates over time – and the one who spoke about it was the actress herself.

during an interview with Vanity Fair, chastain He was asked about the characters he played in theatrical productions tammy faye eyes (2021) and George and Tammy (2022). The actress directly linked it to her relationship with Isaac.

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,a wedding scene it was very difficult. and I love oscar, But the reality is that our friendship has never been the same,” he said in conversation. ”We’ll be fine, but after that, I thought how I needed a break. There was a lot of ‘I love you’ and ‘I hate you’ in this show.”

“But there’s a lot of joy in what I do. There’s a lot of catharsis. I feel like I have the best job in the world because I get to have these experiences. They’re so out of this world and feel like me. But I live a very quiet life,” he continued.

I don’t want to have these torturous things in my life. I touch them and try them on, and then I go home and live in peace and quiet.

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