Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Que Horas U Tego?’ exchanged romantic comedy clichés and attacked a naive boy.

AP – If we lived in a better world, we’d already have a dozen comedy movies with Jennifer Lawrence in them.

When Aliens Comes, they’re bound to head straight to IMDB to research her filmography, and then they’ll be surprised that one of Hollywood’s funniest and most charismatic stars spent the first decade of her career in a dystopia. , why spent making action movies etc. .. I don’t know how you want to classify Mother!

Jennifer Lawrence plays an Uber driver who appears in the ‘What Time Do I Pick You Up?’ Photo: Sony Pictures/Disclosure

As if to make up for lost time, Lawrence came in what time shall i pick you up (in theatres) The kind of R-rated teen comedy that usually launches young talent. She plays the role of a 32-year-old Uber driver who lives in Montauk, USA.

Desperate for cash after her car is towed, she is hired by the wealthy parents (Matthew Broderick, Laura Benanti) of a shy, overprotected 19-year-old (newcomer Andrew Barth Feldman) to strip her of her virginity before she heads home. is kept Princeton.

Of course, we have plenty of movies about teenagers trying to have sex for the first time. But what time shall i pick you upDirected and co-written by Gene Stupnitsky, this is perhaps the first film where the teen in question is clearly not in the mood. He’s straightforward, his parents are pretty sure – because of his browsing history.

But when Maddie Barker (Lawrence) shows up in a skimpy dress and heels at the Long Island animal shelter where Percy (Feldman) works, he reacts to her invitation primarily with fear and bewilderment. The date ends with Percy spraying Maddie of black pepper.

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Now, rejecting 19-year-old Jennifer Lawrence like that is a good way to sabotage a potential relationship viewers might have had with any of the leads. It’s like he’s kicking puppies in the middle of the street. Some things are unforgivable. Maddie and Percy go on increasingly intimate dates, and Percy promises to “be ready” at some point.

basis of what time shall i pick you up It is quite unstable. Even less believable than Percy’s reaction to Maddie is her involvement in the scheme in the first place. In the film’s opening scene, her car is pulled over by an ex-boyfriend she has a crush on (Ebon Moss-Bachrac, se) Bear,

Forced to rollerblade past her waitressing job, Maddie is in financial despair, trying to keep her home – the house she grew up in – in the face of foreclosure.

But, what would you say about it? gig economyShe offers other money-making options other than sleeping with the teens who get angry when the restaurant doesn’t have Pepsi.

Even then, what time shall i pick you up Works better than it should. Of course, the absurdity of the premise is only part of the fun. Feldman, who looks like clumsy linguine here Ratatouille, brings more sensitivity to the role than you’d expect, with flashes of good comic timing. He’s so uncomfortable on a date that he jumps out of his chair like a scared cat at the sound of a snooker shot near the table. While diving naked into the sea, he caresses the puppy.

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And even though the role pushes Lawrence into lousy situations that could easily be considered low-level, what time shall i pick you up This gives them ample opportunity to showcase their talent to subvert the conventional notions of Hollywood glamour. At every turn, she delights in downplaying her sexiness – and not every star is ready to film that beach scene. Lawrence — listen up, Hollywood writers — is more like parodying attractive women at home than being one.

Jennifer Lawrence was in the film with her co-star Andrew Barth Feldman. Photo: McCall Poole/Sony Pictures/Disclosure

Although what time shall i pick you up Lawrence (also an executive producer) is finally given a platform to do some slapstick humor that she’s so good at, it also feels like she’s been cast in the framework of a very macho rom-com. Comedies are depressingly few on the big screen these days, so it’s tempting to appreciate its existence. what time shall i pick you upWhich will be released in theaters on Friday.

good boysBy Stupnitsky, a familiar genre — the house party movie — was deftly turned into a sixth-grade mess. But what time shall i pick you up Sometimes it feels like being stuck in adolescence. There are moments when you’re glad Lawrence is at least playing with the adults. (Natalie Morales and Scott MacArthur are good friends of Maddie’s). Lawrence could very well have done a comedy like Maddie, without the chaperone-to-boy storyline involved.

what time shall i pick you upHowever, inverting the clichés of the genre, Cleverly opens up a generational gap. Percy – and many of his classmates – is portrayed as overly sensitive, overly addicted to his cell phone. In one scene, Maddie walks through the halls of an upper floor party at a high school party. Behind every door, young people are not going out but texting or playing video games – a portrait of Gen Z based on reality. Incredulous, Maddie said, “No one else here has sex?”

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