Jenna Ortega’s worst movie ruined a potential saga of sexy girls and asses that could have been the funniest on Netflix

The Jenna Ortega phenomenon came to the fore with ‘Miracles’, although there are also people who know her in ‘Scream’ or more notably ‘X’. Although the young lady was born in the Coachella Valley (we don’t know if this was during the festival or not), she’s been working in all kinds of productions since a very young age. When fame came, it became clear that Ortega had already starred in a good few films and series, and had appeared as a supporting cast in several others. We already know that Netflix bases its production and distribution around stars that perform well in the statistics of its platform, so it is not rare to see the protagonists of its events participating in other productions. However, Jenna Ortega’s past with Netflix is ​​best forgotten.

Babysitter Killer Queen Jenna Ortega


In 2017 Netflix premiered one of its most surprising and engaging original productions. ‘The Babysitter’ is not one of his best films, nor one of those productions that has the potential to win an award. However, McGee’s belt was a pleasant surprise for everyone who wanted to spend a good mouse on stage. It’s a mix of sexiness, horror, comedy and teen initiation in less than an hour and a half journey that’s sure to cheer you up on any silly night when you don’t know what to watch, and fix any Netflix night . What starts out as something like a porn movie, the fringe guy’s very attractive girl invites his attractive friends and girlfriends, in what aims to be a night of debauchery and teenage orgy. However, in truth there is a lot of blood and satanic rituals. The result is a kind of ‘solo en casa’ in which the protagonist must escape through the house through traps and his esesinos while facing Huendo. Hasta ehi todo bien. The problem came when I wanted to make a sequel.

Babysitter Killer Queen Jenna Ortega


Jenna Ortega joins the 2020 production titled ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’ with a low profile. Female stars from the first installment were repeated in the section, such as Bella Thorne, Emily Alyn Lind, Hana Mae Lee and, notably, Samara Weaving. However, it will be Jenna Ortega who will transform into the female protagonist of the plot, who does not know very well where to put it. The child, already Cressedito, turned out to be a complete Muchachota, who already had no sense to see in that fragado (Macaulay Culkin starred only in ‘Solo en casa’), the turn of the good characters of the first delivery hascia El Mal No It made more sense than that surprise, and the fact of resurrecting all the villains of the first delivery alone shows a worrying paucity of ideas with only one left, which is as similar as possible to the previous delivery. What we liked only seemed to surprise us.

Everything was on hold, and it’s clear that what was a horror comedy in 2017 is a 2020 infamy that’s about to die. Sadly, this was one of Jenna Ortega’s first great roles, which we all but forgot after that movie. He didn’t laugh with her without banning Netflix, which scored its last big hit thanks to another dose of teen comedic horror in front of her. Sometimes the urge is right, worse than changing Nadi’s mind at Big Ann Rosa’s house after a babysitter sequel. Lo Malo, Eso C, who showed us that the diversion of the first delivery was more dependent on Samara Weaving than McGee or the rest of the side, which, with the exception of Ortega, is now largely missing from the first line formation. ,

Babysitter Killer Queen Jenna Ortega


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