Jamie Foxx apologizes for blatant anti-Semitic remarks towards the Jewish community

Actor Jamie Foxx was labeled anti-Semitic last summer for posting on his Instagram accountFor that reason, this morning, I decided to publish a new message to apologize to the Jewish community and to those who have been hurt by your words.

The actor was not the only person affected by her publication, said the actress Jennifer Aniston was also accused of supporting Fox’s candid speech, We share with you more details of this story.

What was the message that Jamie Foxx shared?

the message is that the actors jamie fox, 55 years oldHere’s a comparison I’ve provided over the years:

“They killed this guy called Jesus… ¿¿¿¿que creez que te haran???” And also added the hashtags #FakeFriends and #FakeLove, which soon became a topic of debate.

although Jamie Foxx blurred out his Instagram posts It was shared via screen capture by various users who indicated that his words were unacceptable.

Why is Jennifer Aniston impressed by Jamie Foxx’s publication?

However, not only that, a news organization focused on Jews called a wide framei shared it actress of ‘Friend’ He called the publication “me gusta” for accusing it of supporting Fox’s rhetoric. after signal Jennifer Aniston Shared:

“It really bothers me. I do not like this publication, intentionally or accidentally,” Aniston, 54, wrote via her Instagram Story on Saturday, denying the allegations. “And most importantly, I stand by my friends and any personalities inherited from Want to be clear that shows up in his feed: I do not support anti-Semitism. I truly do not tolerate anyone’s hate. Period.”

Jamie Foxx makes public apology after controversial post on Instagram

jamie foxOn the other hand, I wrote a new message today, in which he apologized to the Jewish community And anyone with whom you may feel attacked by your words in the publication of the week. Sharing the following message:

“I want to apologize to the Jewish community and all those who felt hurt by my publication. I know now that my choice of words has hurt and I feel it. It was never my intention. I was betrayed by a fake friend and that’s what I wanted to fix with ‘Alos’, nothing more. There is only love in my heart for everyone. I love and support the Jewish community. If anyone has been hurt, I sincerely apologize to him.


actor jamie fox He is facing this controversial situation recovering from a medical complication that kept him hospitalized till the end of May, the details of which have not been shared.

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