It costs only 2 euros and has extremely positive reviews. This action game is great and you won’t try a better game: Dishonored – Dishonored

You can buy Dishonored on Steam and its offer will end on August 16th.

Throughout history there have been many studies that risked in the development of innovative video games. Many have failed, while others have. success, but if we start talking about the latter, we should bring Arkane Studios into the conversation. What he did with Dishonored is applause because so many people miss such well thought out games.

Buy Dishonored for €1.99 on Steam

As you can see, here at 3DJuegos we wanted take advantage of your latest offer in honor of the great work he represents. dishonest lie omitted in Steam at 80% and can be purchased for €1.99. This first-person action game will be on sale until August 16th, so you’ll have plenty of days to think about buying it.

Dishonored, great game in all its sections

Dishonored is amazing action game which surprises in its several sections, as it presents many personality in several aspects. Players will forever remember this video game for the huge amount of freedom that allowed users to complete missions the way they wanted. His level design was so great that even CD Projekt RED wants to learn from him for the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077.

In a hypothetical universe where The Industrial Revolution is in full swingOur protagonist must face an unfair accusation and must fight against the entire government. Our only solution be murdererand that’s where the game shines. His freedom of movement and research there are more than enough of them to replay this game for new options and collectibles.

The agility with which we move contributes to unique gameplay, but what also made the community fall in love was their fights. The game allows us to hide or go face to face. Your choice. In addition Corvus Powers They help to offer various alternatives that are always appreciated. Hence, taking possession of the rats instead was also very much enjoyed.

In our analysis of Dishonored, we indicated that it was a video game. fabulous. “The main surprise, the game seemed very promising, but its level in the end turned out to be equal higher than we expected. It’s a very hardcore game and obviously not for all fan profiles, but anyone who approaches it will find the new Arkane a name. unforgettable“, we used to say.

Dishonored and Prey Arkane Collection (Playstation 4)

Dishonored is only available in physical format for 7th generation consoles, i.e. Xbox 360 and PS3. It’s hard to get a copy, but there’s a compilation for both PS4 and Xbox One. Also, keep in mind that Dishonored can play at no extra cost if you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, the same goes for PS Plus Premium owners.

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