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Benny Ybarra he only admires Alex, his Brotherbecause even if he suffers spastic dysphoniaa chronic disease that causes the actor’s voice to break, sound trembling, intermittent, tense, hoarse and convulsive, he did not allow this condition to affect his life, because from childhood he devoted himself to singing and acting. , so her voice is one of her working tools, however, she had to undergo various procedures to restore the correct functioning of her vocal cords for 20 years.

Although when Alex Ybarradiagnosed with the condition two decades ago, the actor has been able to cope with the effects of the disease, currently he has to go to the doctor every six months to have his medical unit inject him with botulinum toxin, which is colloquially known as botox as it allows his voice to return sound like he didn’t have any problems, and although the actor is punctual in his medical appointments, in the new version “petrolatum“, the director of the work decided to give him a small role, despite the fact that many years ago he played the role of Danny Zuko.

However, for Benny, the role played by his brother is no less important than the main one, as he points out that his talent makes him stand out, even if he does not appear in so many scenes: “There are no small roles, only small actors, so Alejandro has a role, perhaps not the most spectacular in the job, but he really does it so well,” he emphasized in an interview with “Venga la alegría”.

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In fact, the way Alex stood out in the work of Alejandro Gow is that now, when one of the actors has to be absent during some performances, he will fill in for him, so Benny, who in addition to playing Vaseline, is also the arranger of the work , he was the one in charge of adjusting the tones of the songs to adapt to his voice, and during this process he was surprised by the great vocal ability his brother has despite the spasmodic dysphonia.

“We came from my studio because he is going to rise, it will be a replacement where he will sing, and I collected songs for them and saw how he began to rebuild his voice,” the singer said.

He also emphasized that it was Alex who approached the entire cast to give them advice, since he is the one who has the highest rating as the actor who most often appeared in the play, having taken part in more than 2000 performances. Grease, in which, in many versions, he played Danny Zuko and even Sandy herself.

“He is really the one who deserves it the most from us, he constantly teaches us and gives us advice, Alejandro is a very sweet person, I learn from him every day, he is my first and great theater teacher, he is a great blessing that I have having him so close, I am growing because of what he teaches me and what he shares with me,” he said.

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