I call myself Bad Bunny, but he didn’t have the ‘pretty eyes’ that Amparo Grisales was looking for

I call myself This Caracol Television production that has become an audience favorite, promises to find the perfect double for one of the most recognizable singers in the world. Which program is holding auditions for these days selection of participants in the competition, And since these days, different sentiments have awakened among the followers.

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However, there have also been contestants who have managed to reach the Colombian diva, amparo grisailles, There have also been a number of cases that have incited the disgust of jurors. What kind of competitor was this who wanted to copy the master aside Caesar School and who passed by Mario Bros And became a trend in social networks.

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But in the last episode the judges had to discuss about a contestant who wanted to imitate Bad Bunny who won the public with his performance in his presentation, the singer got it from Escola and Pipe Bueno, but he got the Diva’s approval. It was the lack of television that ultimately ended up giving him the third green star.

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Likewise, there was applause when he assured himself that he was a farmer and dedicated his victory to Colombian farmers.

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