How to Wear Cargo Pants with Salomon Tennis Shoes as Emily Ratajkowski

What Emily Ratajkowski If You Look Like a 2003 Pop Star, It’s Nothing New, Because Models and Actresses Were the Tip of the Spear Renaissance of retro tennis, low waisted, tube top and capri pants. Ale acting since the 90s which usually takes this heat is a crop top combined with cargo pants, Take a look at the official Britney Spears uniform she wore to go out for coffee that day.

EmRata was spotted with us in New York khaki cargo pants by Adrian Cashmere, combined with a cropped white shirt With ruffled sleeves. complete the look with your favorite sneakers: Las Advanced XT-6 de Salomon en Gris Oscuro y Bardos.

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The hiking brand was founded in 1947, but has grown to the height of the cast over the years Rihanna, Emrata and Hailey Bieber Han contributed to the change salomon tennis shoes In a cult choice that is often seen on steel roads.

Raymond Hall/Getty Images.

Emily Ratajkowski in May 2022.

Absolutely, Tennis has been turned into a corner stone new york style RatajkowskiWhich has been photographed with him on daily walks with his Columbus dog in all seasons of the year during the last 12 months. They pair with everything from pointe dresses to skin sheltersIt shows that all sets can benefit from a touch of gorpkor.

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