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Netflix inundates us with new series, but the big hits are few and far between. One of the best series of recent years can be found on HBO Max and it stars Kate Winslet in a stellar performance.

One of the best series of recent years begins with a murder. Which doesn’t have a particularly unusual premise, TV has no shortage of crime thrillers. However, the mare from Easttown charms from the very first minute. The cop series featuring Oscar winner Kate Winslet in the lead can be seen on HBO Max and develops a plot in beautiful settings in a unique way.

American broadcaster HBO (Game of Thrones, Watchmen) has remembered its great tradition and created a drama that captivates with attractive characters and an exciting story. Unlike the rushed productions we see on streaming, watching the story unfold in Mare of Easttown is a joyous experience.

Everyone hides a secret in Mare of Easttown.

At the center of events is researcher Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet). She takes us through the streets of the small town that gives its name to the title, which at first glance seems very peaceful, almost deserted. Even if there is no snow, winter can be felt in all environments. People are huddled in their homes, but not just because of the heat. Everyone hides secrets in this place. Then a dead body of a girl is found.

At times, Mare of Easttown feels like we’re entering a reimagining of Twin Peaks without the supernatural elements. However, there’s one big difference: Unlike Dale Cooper, who arrives in Twin Peaks as an outsider to solve a murder surrounded by mysteries, Ja Mare is deeply involved in the social life of Easttown.

The separation between work and personal life is impossible. At one point, young investigator Colin Zabel (Evan Peters) rightly asks in a vexed tone if there’s a single person in town who doesn’t know Mare. Your daily routine gets more complicated when half your group of friends are in the interrogation room.

carefully told story

In one of the biggest highlights of this series, which grows in complexity over its seven episodes, we see Mare maneuvering through the different layers of her life and how she fails to set clear boundaries. Sooner or later everything gets fixed, be it in the room or in the police station. Lyrically, it’s so poignant: When is this woman going to stop?

She takes on the challenges tirelessly: Mare has already lost the trust of the populace for not being able to solve a girl’s disappearance a year earlier. She is divorced and lives with her mother (Jean Smart), daughter (Angourie Rice) and grandson (Izzie King). His son (Cody Kostro) committed suicide and his wife (Sosie Bacon) is a drug addict.

The burden is huge for such a traumatized character. Maybe too much: Kate Winslet can’t smoke her vape over and over again to ease the pain she’s been dealing with. However, series creator Brad Inglesby isn’t exploring Mare’s trauma. Instead, he tries to find out what’s bothering the investigator and the others in Easttown through a warped story.

So revelations and twists are not ends in themselves, but part of what is being told. Admittedly, these revelations are often shocking. However, less often than not, they appear as vital cogs that click to uncover the true extent of a complex criminal case. Mare of Easttown is full of great moments that simultaneously heighten and intensify the drama.

The series is told a lot more carefully than many of Netflix’s current productions that feel immature and stuck in their binge-watching mode rather than carefully developed. Mare of Easttown, on the other hand, gives the impression that Inglesby studied his script several times, even from the most inconsequential scenes, to extract something that tells us about the inhabitants of this small town. Will provide deeper understanding.

We Rediscover Kate Winslet in Easttown’s Mare

However, the biggest argument in favor of the series is clearly the suffering of Kate Winslet and her heroine. As a police officer, Mare is put in situations where she has to interrogate people she has known all her life and with whom she also deals in private. A balancing act that doesn’t tire after seven episodes and gives Winslet countless opportunities to prove her skills.

You can really see the weariness on Winslet’s face, but also the sense of duty and ambition that erupts when Mare realizes that an awkward confrontation can’t be avoided. No less impressive are the moments when she clearly doesn’t have the courage to engage in the next argument – and she doesn’t hide it either.

Winslet develops a complex woman who crosses boundaries and unites opposites. Without the second chance given to her by others, the mare would be lost. And yet, there is something wonderful about her: in a community where no one dares to speak the truth to avoid stirring up more dust, Mare dares to do so, even if it hurts.

The end of Easttown’s mare: Everything that happened in the HBO series that crowned Kate Winslet and the forgotten character

HBO has brought us some iconic dramas in recent years that are full of big Hollywood stars. Big Little Lies is the best example of this. However, hardly any famous actress has been attached to a series like Kate Winslet. She is virtually invisible like a star in Easttown’s mare. It’s a great way to rediscover her as an actress.

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