Gigi Hadid Shares Pics of Daughter Khai and the Web Reacts: “She’s HUGE!” , celebrities

Quiet about her personal life, Gigi Hadid gave a rare glimpse into her life as a mom when she shared some of her favorite summer memories with daughter Khai, who turns three in September.

Despite usually refraining from posting content with the heiress, the result of her former relationship with Zayn Malik, the 28-year-old model has published a series of photos of her daughter in recent months.

Khai and Gigi Hadid – Photo: Playback/Instagram

Ditch – Photo: Playback/Instagram

Ditch – Photo: Playback/Instagram

Gigi Hadid and Khai – Photo: Playback/Instagram

“Best of summer!” wrote Gigi in the caption of the publication. Records show him picking blueberries with a ditch, eating popsicles together, and playing with the horses on the family farm. Other photos show Hadid serving lunch to her daughter on a poolside diving board, watching ducks from a boat and having a pancake breakfast.

In the comments, fans, followers and celebrities were full of praise. Kylie Jenner, the model’s longtime friend, wrote: “Life,” with a heart emoji next to it. “She’s already so big? And her hair!”, said one internet user. Another wrote, “Oh my god the gap is huge.”

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