Ex-director of Lizzo’s documentary accuses singer of abusive behavior

Last August 1st, the music industry stood with its mouth open, pews Three of Lizzo’s former dancers sued the singer for sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment for those who worked with her., It is believed that this news took both himself and strangers by surprise, but gradually evidence is coming to the fore that may corroborate the allegations against him.

It turns out that before the Superior Court of Los Angeles, ariana davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez Melissa Vivian Jefferson Condemned -as the singer is actually called- and your choreographer, sherleen quigley For harassing them for commenting on the weight of their dancers as well as participating in acts of a sexual nature, harassment and racism while working with Lizzo.

Lizzo and her choreographer are accused of creating a toxic work environment / Photo: Getty Images

Former director of Lizzo’s documentary talks about the singer’s bad behavior

Yes, in the midst of this news, everyone has a right to reply and the artist is innocent until proven otherwise. Sophia Nahli Ellison’s testimonial came to light, giving us a sense of what Lizzo’s former dancers were in demand and what they say about that period.

For those who are not Sepan, Sophia Nahli Ellison is an American filmmaker known for her short films a love song for latasha (which was nominated for an Oscar), And perhaps you must be wondering why there is talk of condemnation of the artist. ok so it turns out She was the director of the documentary, love lizzoWhich will premiere on HBO Max in 2022,

Sophia Nahli Allison, former director of Lizzo’s documentary, talks about the singer’s abuse / Photo: Getty Images

Anna Sophia Allison clarifies Lizzo was not abused

across your social networks, Sophia Nahli Allison said that in 2019, she traveled with Lizzo To follow him day after day, to photograph and simply, to be the director of his documentary. however, After being together for a few days, they left the project due to the bad behavior of the “Juice” singer.,

“I broke down after about two weeks. He treated me very disrespectfully. I was a witness to how cocky, cocky and obnoxious you are. I was not protected and they threw me in a bad situation with little support.

Former director of Lizzo’s documentary reveals time spent with singer

there, it was not enough by itselfThe director said that he realized that his conscience had decided that he had left the project, and that he was “grateful” to do so. Also, Sophia Nahli Ellison mentioned this She was “offended and deeply hurt” by the treatment meted out to Lizzo. When I work with him.

To finish, Sophia Nahli Ellison says she decided to speak with Lizzo about her experiences because it is so important for filmmakers to “validate the experiences of other black women.” And even though he doesn’t like to delve into pop culture topics, he felt it necessary to tell the artist’s point of view and support Ariana, Crystal, and Noel.

“Reading these reports made me realize how dangerous the situation was. (Work with the singer). This type of abuse of power happens frequently. Lots of love and support for the dancers”, The former director of Lizzo’s documentary concluded just before the time of writing this note that he has said nothing about the demands on his cabinet.

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