Erik Stoltz, the man who will be the protagonist of Volver al Futuro Grupo Milenio

back to the future you are one of them Most Popular Movies of the 80s Dejo, 38 years since its launch, has remained a favorite of many.

However, as everyone knows, the film stars Michael J. Fox is. Marty McFly, in a beginning, go to be Eric Stoltz, who had already shot half of the film and, according to various media, it was changed at the last minute.

Director of Every Beginning When back to the future, Robert Zemeckis took over the project since At first it was planned that the role of Marty was played by MikeAle J. Fox, who was then the star of the series family story,

even in an interview Zemeckis Toast Explains It Michael J. Fox was “a great actor”.with “a brilliant sense of comedy coordination”.

“It would be perfect for paper (Michael J Fox), He is a common man. He is acceptable as an actor. You’re good. It’s fun,” he said.

however, as trying to persuade fu al executive producer of family story, Gary David Goldberg refused to allow Fox to participate because he wanted it to focus solely on his program. The first option was rejected, tests were opened to search for a new hero.

within the actors auditioned Names like John Cusack, Charlie Sheen, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Cryer, Johnny Depp and Ben Stiller auditioned, however, they were not successful.

the studio then found Eric Stoltz, actor with a rebellious look Which had gained a lot of recognition. According to the documentary The Films That Formed Us by Netflix, Sidney Sheinberg, an executive at Universal, was so surprised by Stoltz that he challenged Zemeckis and Gale: “If it doesn’t do well, cast a different actor and start over.” do new movie

with the chosen hero, The film started playing, but after four weeks, Complications began to appear in the race, because, according to the creator, stoltz on The essence of personality properly presented and nurtured in Marty McFly.

“I think we have a problem. Please tell me what they think”. The three watched 40 minutes of scenes filmed with Stoltz and came to the same conclusion. The actor destroyed Marty, not because he didn’t take his role seriously, Rather because he took it very seriously! (…) He played his part very theatrically and believed the film was actually a tragedy, not a comedy”, said Bob Gale. on Vulture Portal.

Gail added this Stoltz will be able to participate in the film I asked everyone who? nadi lo lamara by his name, Eric, Bell Marty. This led some to believe that “it was nonsense”.

We thought if you helped him do his job, it was harmless. There were some people on the team who wore masks and called it Rocky, like his character in that film”, Gayle recalled.

Thomas Wilson, who played the unbearable Biff, revealed he filmed a scene a cafe termino full of mortone Because Stoltz, being absorbed in his character, did too much violence to him.

“It was hitting my collarbone hard, it was really pushing me. and he said during the cut: ‘Marty, it’s a movie’, but it was like he didn’t listen to me”, revealing it years later, and qualifying his partner with a gross but graphic “It’s a short The part was “ass”, Thomas expressed.

Zemeckis and Gale were almost convinced to work without Stoltz, but The final decision was made by maestro Steven Spielberg. Instead of looking at the recorded material, ET’s producer pronounced the sentence: “Hey que reempalazarlo”.

All chanced upon in the nude But in the meantime he began looking for Fox again, he continued filming scenes with Stoltz.


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