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The signs of weakness of screenwriters, as of three months ago, and of actors, as of a few weeks ago, are being seen in Hollywood in an increasingly stark and obvious way. The show of the Emmy Awards, the highest awards given annually by the Academia de Televisión de EE UU, was finally announced that they would not be celebrated on September 18, as had been anticipated. Your delivery will be in 2024, there will not be a single off day in the calendar, waiting for the water to reach your tail.

But the required water is not reaching. So much so, that with more than six weeks to go for the festivities, the Academy has decided to cripple those who even mark a hit on their calendars, as this is the 75th occasion on which these awards are being given. . This is the second time in its history that its delivery has been postponed. The first was held in 2001, when it began to be held shortly after the September 11 attacks on New York’s Twin Towers, and was eventually celebrated in November. This is the second year. It will take place in 2024, but theoretically the Golden Globes will be on Sunday, January 7, and the Critics on the 14th of the same month, since they’ve already advanced to the January finale. From first prize winner, to Oscar failure failure, to practically the last winner.

The nomination was announced on 12 July without being called by Huelga, but was already on the horizon. Therefore, the November closing date was that this year, next to the Barajaban Fox series, the Academy itself is responsible for releasing them this year – it’s a rotating honor -, but seen after these weeks of pause, this finale It may be too soon to resolve for the people of Huelgas, who have taken over the mainstream entertainment industry for the first time in more than 60 years. Fox especially fears that even the screenwriters can’t script the scale of the ceremony or that the actors, its main attractions, are present in it. something that had already happened in the Huelga of the 1980s interpreters, when Elos Dios was a big part of Plantan a la Fiesta.

The actor and screenwriter performs in Los Angeles on July 26, 2023.Mario Anzuoni (Reuters)

A dispute with the Screenwriters Union began on May 2, when they tried to negotiate their collective agreement, which expires every three years, without reaching an agreement. The same happened with actors, who brought talks with Pinzas in 2020 because of the pandemic, taking this opportunity to talk more seriously with studios and tackle issues like the minimum wage or artificial intelligence. , They did not succeed in doing so and finally on July 13, two weeks earlier, they called Paro and after an active mobilization of its members in picketing, which appeared in front of the doors of the grand buildings of Paramount, Netflix or Disney.

Con la Huelga, actors already on the ground cannot work in filming, but they are also not allowed to attend events, promotions, premieres… nor do they attend award ceremonies such as the Emmys. Therefore, its absence will disappoint the awards, which on this occasion have honored some of the most acclaimed series of the last few years, especially succession, which has just ended its airing after its fourth season. The series starring Brian Cox received 27 nominations; then she follows last of us, con 24; white lotus, con 23; or ted lasso, With 21. Among the other big names nominated, and who will likely be missing from the ceremony, are Daniel Radcliffe (who is set to appear in Nueva York’s Pickett), Jessica Chastain, Juliette Lewis, Keri Russell, Riley Keough, Jenna Ortega, Elisabeth Moss, Ray Liotta, Taraji P. Henson and Taron Egerton.

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