Dua Lipa rocked the red with an adjusted microbikini

Dua Lipa surprised her followers by sharing a series of photos on the social network that showed her enjoying the sun and the beach. As a solo Britannica, a very sensuous one when you enter a escanario sino adames, a mujere de las pocas en el planta terra que le falls bien todos los de playa.

Instagram is the place the singer has chosen to communicate directly with her fans. Actually, Chamber’s account has accumulated 88.7 million followers who make every post viral. On this occasion, you can enjoy the summer in bikini which will make any man’s heart flutter.

Dua Lipa. Source: Instagram @dualipa

Dua Lipa slays everyone on Instagram in a tiny bikini

In the images that went viral, dua lipa She rocks an impressive mini bikini with detailing in purple and white tones, while posing with the sea and some rocks in the background, creating a heavenly scene. This is one look that has made everyone go crazy.

Dua Lipa. Source: Instagram @dualipa

in your history Instagram Hang a picture where you can see her doing physical activity with a mini top and pants like the ones on this list. With these stunning photos, the British singer wants to let us know that she doesn’t have to show off her body to be considered ol una diosa on the network.

Dua Lipa. Source: Instagram @dualipa

another great detail you give us dua lipa, that is, to look great on the ground, you should choose traditional colors that understand the trend. As you well know, purple is not on the radar of the most sought-after colors in summer, but in any case, it can be evident in a perfect way.

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3 microbikinis that Dua Lipa rocked the summer trend

In siren style, Dua Lipa captivates in a pretty red crochet dress with transparency

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