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Profits from the Renaissance World Tour, the artist’s most lucrative, were estimated to exceed R$10 billion.

beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter – also known as queen bay -, started on 10 May 8th Career World Tour, Together growth forecast The concerts scheduled in the United States and Europe will contribute approximately US$2.1 billion (R$10.4 billion) through the end of September 2023. “Renaissance” is three hours long and contains many references to the disco era, which are highlighted during the show, along with technological and futuristic resources.

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Born in Houston, Texas, Beyoncé broke into the music industry in the 1990s with the group Destiny’s Child. He went on to have a successful solo career with albums such as “Dangerously in Love” and “B’Day,” along with an iconic performance at Super Bowl 50, among other accomplishments. Chances are high that “Renaissance” will be the singer’s most profitable tour to date – possibly surpassing the revenue earned from all of her previous shows. It’s been seven years since he announced a new tour.

Other Beyoncé Tours

When Beyoncé receives proceeds from the new tour, it is expected to surpass $1 billion (R$4.9 billion) in gross ticket sales, more than she has earned in her entire career. They grossed $767.3 million (R$3.8 billion) and sold 8.9 million tickets across 375 shows, including the Verizon Ladies First Tour with Jay-Z and Missy Elliott and Alicia Keys in 2004.

Here are the earnings from some of his recent tours:

  • On the Run (2014) with her husband Jay-Z grossed US$95 million (R$472 million).
  • According to Complex magazine, Formation World Tour (2016): US$256 million (R$1.27 billion).
  • On the Run II (2018): $254 million (R$1.26 billion) in gross revenue, according to Forbes.

Renaissance World Tour Technologies

Metallic Robot A futuristic robot made of metal that is reminiscent of the look used by Beyoncé on her first tour of her career, The Beyoncé Experience.
The optical illusion show has a metallic and industrial texture. Around 90 trucks are being used to transport all the equipment across Europe. Furthermore, most of the metal parts are optical illusions projected onto the show’s screen.More
The overcoat that changes color is a piece developed by the Japanese brand Enrealize with photochromic properties that change color with the passage of light. This look appears during a performance of ‘Church Girl’ – the dress, when exposed to light, resembles the stained glass of a church.More
360° Images So that the show can be enjoyed from anywhere in the stadium, there are moments when Beyoncé broadcasts a 360° image to cameras moving around the stage.More
Dancing robots During the songs ‘Cozy’ and ‘Heated’ – two robotic arms are seen mimicking the movements according to the singer’s choreography.
Futuristic Queen Bee look of the Queen Bee with pieces by Mugler.

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