Details of Batman’s Strap In With Ben Affleck Revealed!

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  • A designer attached to DCEU production talks more about a Batman movie starring Ben Affleck.
  • This ensures that the film will honor 80 years of the Murciélago’s mythology.
  • Ben Affleck’s journey as Batman was full of highs, but he managed to say goodbye to the character.

ben affleck i can say goodbye to your version batman in the movie The Flash, 7 years later his first appearance in the controversial Batman Vs. Superman by Zack Snyder.

i pass by him DCEU I was full of bullies, and so Ben Affleck assures he has no interest in returning to the superhero genre yes it criticizes your character and constant changes Your mental health is affected.

However, I’m ready for a moment Ben Affleck will star in his own film, Murciélago, in 2017. After this it was decided that the actor would go direct the film, But in the end the project never got off the ground.

And now, a new report reveals whether you’ll never see the light again.

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Will Ben Affleck Star in the Best Batman Movie Ever?

Newspaper keel over platico con Jay Oliva, responsible drafter of storyboard of films from DCEU As Batman Vs. Superman, Man of Steel and Wonder Woman, Apart from being the director of animated films like The Dark Knight Returns and The Flashpoint Paradox.

olive He was also a consultant in various films of Eddy Due to sufficient knowledge about the characters, That’s why Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns first asked the script erasers to revise.

“I’ve been involved in a lot of Batman stories and what was really great (about Ben Affleck’s story) was that it connected a bunch of stories that hadn’t been explored before.

Ben Affleck’s story was something that was never told in the comics, but was incorporated into the Batman mythology for over 80 years.

Jay Oliva, Inverted

olive say so “Ben Affleck Will Have a Brand New Approach”. And Aunk assures that you still can’t talk about the project with freedom, “The story was very simple and had many things in it that I really liked. I’m sorry it finally materialized.” Sentence.

while there Snydercon, Ben Affleck i accept that death stroke (interpreted by Joe Manganiello) was going to be part of the original story, but also what I wanted “presents complex and nuanced characters, especially Deathstroke”, and indicated that Batman will face a wide gallery of villains in his film.

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Ben Affleck’s Problems With Why He Left Batman

olive make sure it’s yours “Working with Ben Affleck was an incredible experience” but in the last 2 years The actor spoke more openly about the problems he experienced during filming Justice League, what made him realize it I didn’t want to be Batman.

Besides the problems with the production of the film, I also had personal problems. zack snyder and delay, ben affleck I confessed that this was the moment His marriage began to have serious problems and he became increasingly dependent on alcohol.

For that reason, if I say it, give account of it “Someone told me the script was good, but I couldn’t direct a Batman movie without drinking until I die” Because of the emotional charge that commanding a film like this represents. And it was soon said that he was more comfortable with the idea of ​​abandoning the project altogether.

“He thought and told me that he would not be happy if he did this. The person who does it must love it.

If you think you’ve always wanted this kind of thing and maybe even at 32 you would have been very happy but now I think it’s not worth it.

Ben Affleck, Los Angeles Times

ben affleck i made sure it wasn’t about “Whether Justice League was good or bad, because it could have been anything”, I mean various production problems, in short with personal disputes, He eventually tired the actor out on superheroic themes.

when the rumor spread that we could see Ben Affleck as Batman in The Flash and Aquaman 2 It was recently revealed that he cut his cameo on Strapp starring jason momoa, In a way, he officially said goodbye to sprinter history.

finally it seems Battle field it was simply “blurred” out of canon DCEU because of my changes Barry Allen to demonstrate the innocence of his priest, and he batman There’s a Version Left in the Timeline That’s Explained George Clooney.

Don’t know what is its future murcielago man inside planes of james gunn, But at least we still have adventures left Robert Pattinson directed by Matt Reeves ya al joaquin phoenix joker, That’ll be covered in our Bati-History volume.

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