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Raw Alejandro’s breakup with Rosalia has taken the internet by storm. People have stopped talking about their music and now it is only about their relationship. There have been several fan theories that believe the two singers have been leaving clues to their breakup in the lyrics of their songs or excerpts from their interviews. we have already spoken chain 100 of all these principles, but This morning the ‘Baby Hello’ singer denied any rumors that may have surfaced about his possible infidelity with Motomami.

But social networks and their communities are one and the same. and this morning We’ve woken up to one, three new trends on Twitter. The most used words on Twitter are: Rosalia, Shakira and Rihanna, Why do you associate Colombians and Barbadians with ‘motomami’?

Twitter Trends 7/27/2023

If anyone doesn’t know it then the singer ofwolf’ and’s singers & mAt that time also it went viral for the same reason. rosalia, Both singers also had a public figure as their partner, and both singers faced a lack of loyalty in their relationship. Shakira eloped with ex-footballer Gerard Piqueand possibly, with rapper Rihanna A$AP Rocky,

Both the cases are from last year and from time to time some new information about some pairs keeps getting sold and viral on the network. Lo mango to que, In Shakira’s case, it has to do with something Piqué said directly to Ibai Llanos de Twitch.or In Rihanna’s Case, Say Something About Your Boy With Rocky, Let’s remember that it was during the embarrassment that the news of the alleged breakup of the singer and the rapper surfaced.

The trend right now is to include three names in a tweet which is done in this regard or to mention that some collaboration of three singers may come together to make a heartbreaking song. We all know the toxicity present in this social network, jokes, edited pictures of singers with animals etc…

Rihanna and Shakira or Han collaborated together

The Colombian singer and the Barbadian singer already know what it’s like to work together. It’s been 9 years since he got his number 1you won’t remember to forget‘, which has over 1,280 million views on YouTube today. And we woke up from the Super Bowl, when Shakira sent Rihanna a message that said: “Remembering the good times, I wish you all the best for tonight’s show, Rih!”. The comment references the time they spent working together in 2014.

Possible collaboration of all three?

With Rove’s statement on his Instagram, there’s no longer any reason to think that Rosalia has suffered infidelity, so this new Twitter fad will go on for a while. But, for those who enjoy good music, hearing the names of these three singers together brings a smile to our lips. Can you imagine Shakira, Rihanna and Rosalia collaborating?

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