Cristina Pedrosh shows impressive postpartum recovery three weeks after giving birth.

Cristina Pedroche is an ardent advocate of a healthy lifestyle. The host has spent years practicing various disciplines: running, yoga, pilates and others are part of your daily routine. But, in addition to regular exercise, he has a very healthy diet. In addition to the fact that she was lucky to be married to Dabiz Munoz, the owner of three Michelin stars. Logically, these two combined habits can only have one result: very good postpartum recovery.

Despite every body and every woman is a whole worldor, she wanted to show what kind of body she has just three weeks after giving birth. “3 weeks and two days after birth. 💪🏽⚡️ There is no luck or miracles, there is a lot of preparation before and during pregnancy. Healthy lifestyle, sports, healthy eating and meditation. 🙏🏽❤️”.

Christina Pedrosh is physically almost the same as before pregnancy. Of course, this makes it clear that although it weighs less. “I’m a little underweight than when I get pregnant, but it’s true that I have lost muscle mass. I’m a little less strong, but I’m very happyexplains the 34-year-old presenter.

In a video in front of a mirror in which we can see her in a tiny bikini, Cristina Pedroce makes it clear that she is very happy: “I’m more or less like pre-pregnancy, although my stomach is still a little more flaccidbut ok, more or less everything returns to its being“.

On July 14, the host of “Password” gave birth to her first daughter, Laya. The pelvic floor assessment has not yet been completed. Examination by a gynecologist or physiotherapist specializing in these matters, who discharges the mother to return to sports.

She feels that her body lacks the exercise she was used to before she became a mother. Although he now admits to breathing, and we assume he also continues to meditate, another key part of a healthy lifestyle.

rain of criticism

Although Christina Pedrosh shared these images without any comparison or for someone to identify with her.There were many followers who filled her wall with messages against this video and her body.

“I disagree. It also depends on many other factors; have time to train, someone to take care of the child, someone to cook for you. There are skinny, super-tight, super-healthy women who had a bigger belly than you, whose muscles stretched more (every pregnancy and every belly is a whole world), and their bodies don’t bounce back for months after that. And this is not his fault and not yours, but only your merit. No.I don’t like haters at all, and I thought everything you did during pregnancy was great, but I think if you want to show how much you’ve recovered, great, I think that’s very good. But to write that “it’s up to us” to have a flat stomach in 3 weeks, sorry, but NO, “writes one of them.

Another of them writes: “I gave birth a week before pregnancy and by the 3rd week I had already regained the weight that I had before pregnancy, and I recovered the same way without doing any exercise other than breastfeeding.
I think that sometimes these posts can make a mother who didn’t recover so quickly feel guilty, making her believe that she is to blame for not exercising, and sometimes it is not, every body is different.
Your body is magical because it gave life and it’s not a race


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