community asks not to buy story missions to send a message to Blizzard

A”boycott” this “taking shape” on the Overwatch 2 story missions Reddit page. Megaspectree forum user. encourages players not to purchase Invasion Pack content in order to send a message to Blizzard..

Except, not the only player who expresses his dissatisfaction with this addition of payment to Overwatch 2. A few months ago, Blizzard canceled the story mode, which had been planned since the announcement of the sequel. this content does not meet the needs of some users.

It’s worth mentioning that Megaspectre claims to be better”don’t waste your 15 bucks on Blizzard content“, ensuring that not worth it if you hate the game in its current state. More specifically, the player comments on the following:

“If you have mixed feelings, just don’t waste your $15 and show Blizzard that the game is okay. If you want to buy it because you think you’ll enjoy it, go crazy. Just save time and effort if you already hate the current thread. You will send a much better message if you don’t get it.”

The Invasion Pack includes some of the benefits of Overwatch 2, including: 3 missions, 1000 Overwatch Coins, Legendary Sojourn skin, and permanent hero unlock.

It’s true that this content might seem sparse if we compare what was planned to be released for Overwatch 2 in its presentation. We remember that even the inclusion of a skill tree was mentioned, where players could combine skills certain characters and upgrade them as you level up. However, it appears that these features will not see the light of day and have been replaced by specific missions to be added to Blizzard’s supply.

For players who are expecting this invasion pack, Content Debuts August 10th. On the other hand, it’s worth noting that Overwatch 2 is coming to Steam on PC with achievements and cross-platform with consoles.

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