Cardi B under investigation for throwing mic at fan who was dropped by police

The rapper threw the microphone at a fan who threw a glass at him.


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SAO PAULO, SP (Folhapres) – The police investigation involving rapper Cardi B for the incident that happened during a performance at Drei Beachclub in Las Vegas has come to an end. After throwing a microphone towards a fan who may have thrown a glass towards him, a complaint was filed and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigated the matter.

A note released this Thursday (3) by Cardi B’s lawyers informs that the process has been called off. “This afternoon we were notified by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that, as a result of their investigation, no charges will be filed against Cardi. On behalf of Cardi, we would like to thank the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for their diligence and prompt resolution of this matter Appreciate the .. topic”, says the text obtained by the site TMZ.

The incident happened last Saturday (29), when Cardi B asked the crowd to throw water on her to cool off from the scorching heat of Vegas. However, after the act, the microphone was caught by someone in the audience, who immediately filed a police report.

Since then, the singer was suspected of aggression, but the police concluded that no crime was committed by Cardi B. Despite the controversy the episode generated, the audio production company that owns the microphone used in the incident decided to auction it. , The money raised will be donated to charities that help teens and young adults with special needs. Surprisingly, the bids have already crossed the $100,000 mark.

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