BTS’s Jungkook to release album as a solo artist in July, it is known

Ale Army He is very emotional and it is not the least that this thing has come to the fore jungkook Will release his first album as a solo artist. the statue disappears bts partner who have already started work in person After pausing their activities in the K-pop group. This is great news for fanatics who have been saying that the youngest member of the group should finally start following in the other members’ footsteps.

This will be Jungkook’s first album

This June 3rd, South Korean media reported that he “Golden Makna” will be the next member of bangtan In debut as a solo artistYou have to remember that the idols took a break as a group to start their individual pursuits, complete your military servicewhich is mandatory in South Korea and is already being done Jin and J-Hope, Since people started to know the information, social networks like Twitter exploded and put the singer in the main trends.

Officially confirms that Jungkook will release his album in July Photo: Screen capture

Prior to the news, some publications in the Asian country consulted directly with the agency representing BTS, big hitmusic Que por fin hablo al respecto. A representative of the company confirmed this Jungkook will release his debut album on July 14. Thus, the interpreter of “left and rightbecame the sixth member of kpop band In debuting without his teammates, as it was believed that the next V.

Due to information filtered through social networks and the media, it is likely that the album of the 25-year-old artist will contain songs in English, for which she Army can confirm jungkook i worked with Justin Biber For this record content, as anticipated. Small as it was, the statue will include global movements, so it’s doubtful there will be a tour like the one you’re having Useless,

So, on digital platforms like Twitter, in addition to repeating information about the K-pop band’s minor debut, it’s also being remembered that there was only one year, right in the middle of Party BTS, Jungkook I promised that I would release my first album after min yoongi, The 30-year-old rapper’s real name, the words he completed, were also revealed by the music producer a few months back.”hegeum“And the whole album with this theme “D-Day”.

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