Bruna Marquezin celebrated her birthday in Hawaii and was impressed by Sasha’s surprise

Actress Bruna Marquezin burst into tears after being surprised by Sasha Meneghel during the celebration in Hawaii

This Friday the 4th Actress bruna marquezine Turning 28! And to celebrate this very important date, the celebrity jetted off to Hawaii in the United States of America to enjoy some down time. She didn’t expect to be surprised by her friend, the model sasha meneghelwho arrived at his hotel room unannounced to be able to share the moment with the artist.

In a video shared through his official TikTok profile, Sasha shows the moment when he comes to surprise his friend. On seeing the model, Bruna screams and hugs her daughter. Xuxa And weeps with joy and kneels on the ground.

“I never managed to surprise”, joked Sasha, who took the opportunity to accompany the actress to the beach after such an emotional meeting. The post was flooded with comments from internet users who were delighted with the surprise posed by the model.

“I knelt down and cried with Bru”, “It’s impossible not to cry together with Bru”, “The most beautiful and true celebrity friendship in this world”, “Sensational”, “I cried together”These are some of the messages left by Sasha Meneghel’s TikTok followers.

Giovanna Ivebank surprises followers with tribute to Bruna Marquezine

bruna marquezine Tributes poured in from many friends on his 28th birthday. The actress was also persuaded by a good friend, the presenter Giovanna IvebankWho took advantage of the special date to share a video that left her followers stunned.

On his Instagram, Gioh published a record with Markezin to the sound of the song I Kissed a GirlFrom katy perry, where the two pose together and share a passionate kiss on the lips in front of the camera. Very friendly, both have a closeness that impresses people and melts anyone.

“I found this beautiful video to celebrate your day and let the world know how special you are to me and everyone else, a good woman who is always ready to help anyone, a loyal friend , cutie, beautiful, talented, who doesn’t deal very well with whatsapp messages like me. but when we see each other we know that everything out there is real, very real, and I’m so lucky Because I was privileged to meet you along the way, a friend for life! You know you can count on me for whatever will come and come, don’t you? I love you! Happy birthday, my love!”Qum Pode, the presenter of the pod wrote in the caption of the video.

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