‘Body Positive’ lead singer Lizzo denounces sexual assault and sexual harassment

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Three of the singer’s former dancers assure that he forced them, among other humiliations, to touch naked people or eat bananas inserted into strippers’ vaginas. He also accused her of fatphobia.

Since 2019, when she first entered the prestigious Billboard list, Lizzo (35) has been regarded as one of the worst women Powerful in the music industry. and grassroots because eight of its themes became number one or because it garnered four Grammys in three years, its feminist sermons ring a bell, calling all Empowerment, self love and body positive.

“I grew up as a fat black girl in houston You haven’t seen people like you in magazines. but when i turned 20 i decided become a sex symbol, I started working at Ello. But I know it’s hard, because confidence is a journey. Solo tines que crer en ti... Y saber que yo creo en ti”, he said in 2019 us weekly In his first interview on this subject.

from that moment, Lizzo fills stadiums, halls and festivals, Talking about the importance of being who you are. However, now there is a demand for questions in his speech. and three former dancers vouch for it la estrella las ha humiliado, they have criticized and they have presented for viewing. However, this is not the most severe condemnation I know Lizzo suffers Allegations of sexual harassment and abuse.

According to NBC, this week, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noel Rodriguez – three former Lizzo employees filed suit on – Los Angeles Superior Court, This shows that the celeb doesn’t behave like she tells her fans. of course, he Employee Artist Le Habria told Davis that “it seemed Poco compromise con su trabajo” to gain weight.

Assimilation, demand assures that some of the singer’s workers live uncomfortable moments when leaving the party with her. Some “Not compulsory” for your dancers, but onlyi “rewarded” by interpreter. “At a strip club in Amsterdam, Lizzo invites members of her cast to strip other performers (men and women), take comfort and eat plantain inspection of vaginas de las strippers”, is mentioned.

According to the document, the star “provoke” Ariana Davis even more for it. touch the sinuses of one of the naked women present”. Precision at a great price, That’s why the dancer surrounded herself with sex workers even without wanting to. Back then, the singer had inspired Uno. of your parents Background stripping.

“The plaintiffs were horrified at the little consideration shown to them by Lizzo Bodily autonomy of its employees”, explains the claim, which also refers to a more complex episode. According to the young people, the American invited his dancers to a club in Paris so that they could “get inspired before a show”. but in indication that the one the venue was a nudist cabaret,

On the other hand, La demand hubla de Labor harassment and discrimination. Despite this, these classes are not closely related to Lizzo. But with the people around it. According to the dancers, representative of responsible for good as hell made comments “Massive Racism and Fatphobia” against multiple team members.

For example, some dancers have requested a monetary compensation for a time of inactivity. Everyone requested a fee of 50% of their weekly salary, but the singer’s accountant only les offered 25% off and rewarded some for demanding “unacceptable” things. However, I only called “disrespectful” to black women.

Similarly, demand points to one of the dancers was humiliated by sharleen quigley, the head of Lizzo’s team of dancers. the coach will also find out Ariana Davis was a virgin Which he found a reason for ridicule. According to Plaintiffs, Quigley had disclosed his secret and, moreover, he would “pushed” toward ChristianityBecause he thought he was not “loyal enough”.

in countless ways, lizzoi was there a lot of quizzes that his dancers knew about Quigley. However, I didn’t do anything. opposite of this, didn’t take care of his employees And two of its plaintiffs were fired between April and May. few more days, Williams invited to leave the team After questioning the singer claimed without knowing that her dancers drank alcohol during working hours. A claim, reportedly, false.

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