Blizzard admits Overwatch 2’s next hero could be broken at launch

When a new hero arrives Overwatch 2, Blizzard Entertainment wants it to make waves in the competitive scene. This didn’t happen with Lifeweaver, the last hero in the Hero Shooter event, so Blizzard had to make adjustments. This could greatly affect how his next hero debuts.

As you know, Lifeweaver debuted in Overwatch 2 and had to get a few adjustments before becoming a viable hero. This is a mistake the studio wants to avoid twice, so they will follow a different plan with their next hero. Unfortunately, this may mean that it is initially too powerful.

“Our goal is to make our new heroine exciting and impactful on day one,” said Aaron Keller, Director Overwatch 2. “We’re not going to release a hero with too many abilities, but we want people to play with him because he adds value, not just because he’s new.”

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So one day another heroine Overwatch 2 it may need some fixes to reduce its power. However, this ensures that he is a useful character from the start and not quickly forgotten.

What do you think of this strategy? What do you think is the best? Write to us in the comments.

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