Bibi Babydoll: Brazilian funk artist rises to the top of the charts in Ukraine

We already know that Brazilian funk is crossing borders and spreading overseas—after all, Anita’s international career has already been celebrated here in verse and prose. But did you know that in Ukraine, a country at war with Russia, Brazilian funk artists are at the top of the charts?

It is Curitiba-born Bibi Babydoll whose song “Automotivo Bibi Fogosa” went viral in the region and topped both the Top 50 and Viral 50 lists on Spotify. The song follows the Brazilian “Proibidos” funk chart. In the song, Beyond Clarity, the singer states that her “pussy’s on fire” and “the stick’s gonna put out the fire”.

In a telephone interview with the report, Bibi Babydoll, whose registered name is Beatriz Alcide Santos, says she has been a singer for 7 years and was surprised by the track’s success in the conflict zone. Mystery? Using elements already common in Ukrainian hits.

“My track still has a more Latin beat, lyrics in Portuguese and a softer voice. It also contains a sample of ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ by the band Bring Me the Horizon, which they are familiar with”, she explains. . The Eastern European country is known for its appreciation of rap and electronic music.

With the boom in digital platforms, he has already received over 12,000 messages in different languages, and his career has started taking a new direction. Singing independently till now, Bibi is now preparing to sign a contract with a producer – she says she has received several offers since the track went viral. “I can’t stand working alone anymore”, confesses the singer, who hopes to release new singles with a larger lineup behind him.

A promotion and advertising graduate, the 24-year-old lives in Sao Paulo and started singing solo after being inspired by pop celebrities like Madonna and Lady Gaga. Of course, in Brazil, he cites Anita as a reference. And, if you look around, just think of MC Pipoquinha, another funk muse with more clarity.

“I think she’s extremely good at music. She managed to make several catchy songs with funny themes and phrases. The performance show helped her”, analyzes Colleague, who worked as a stage assistant Made appearances and is now gearing up to be cast as the star of his own show.

attack on orthodoxy

Bibi Babydoll (the name comes from her surname, Bibi, and babydoll in English, doll) admitted she has not followed the war in Ukraine – even though the country has been in the spotlight since the invasion of its territory in February 2022. Funk is extreme for what matters, even if it is accompanied by elements questioned by conservatives on duty, such as the sexualization of the body.

“Brazilians complain about it. If you listen to the great pop divas in the United States, things like Nick Minaj, Cardi B are a thousand times worse… It’s just as heavy if not more so than our funk”, He compares. “People shouldn’t worry so much about it and keep listening and consuming if that’s what they like.”

There is another interesting detail: Curitiba, his birthplace, is a declared Orthodox city. On the agenda of the city council is a bill that also initiates Conservatism Day. For Bibi, the capital of Paraná was indeed a problem.

“They don’t give a chance to anything new. I never liked it, it’s too much ‘coxinha'”, he complains. “That’s exactly what I want to represent: taking my name as a Curitiban to punch out everybody in that town who says I won’t work, who says I’m too old to do those things.” More bitch what I did.”

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