Beyoncé, SZA and The Weeknd on Travis Scott’s new album

Travis Scott has premiered his new album ‘Utopia’ after announcing it two years ago. And among the collaborations, which until now were secret, are names such as Beyoncé, SZA, The Weeknd, Bad Bunny, James Blake, Kanye West, 21 Savage or Bon Iver. The work is not at all short, containing 19 themes: a total of 1 hour 13 minutes. It requires pausing to listen where rap, hip-hop and trap are the absolute protagonists.

‘Utopia’ is released 5 years after ‘Astroworld’ and follows the film that was released first in the United States: ‘Circus Maximus’. Eager to travel and show the world, Travis Scott planned to present the project at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Despite the fact that it faced many obstacles from the Egyptian government (accusations of Masons and Satanism), Live Nation assured that the presentation took place on foot.

But it looks like today will not go as planned. Travis Scott wrote on Twitter: “Egypto y las pyramides will happen. But due to demand and logistics, they need a little more time to cast the soil. I will keep you updated about the final date which will be ready. That’s all I want”. Just like that, the premiere of ‘Utopia’ is already in the news as one of the records of the year. Despite the fact that the songs on Spotify appear to be featureless, if at all. And they are incredible.tracklist, according to NME.

1. ‘Hyena’ – Produced by Travis Scott
2. ‘Thank God’ (Featuring Sue Lee) – Produced by Travis Scott, Kanye West, Alan Ritter, BoogzDabeast, WondaGirls & FNZ
3. ‘Modern Jam’ (ft. Tezzo Touchdown) – Produced by Travis Scott & Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
4. ‘My Eyes’ (Featuring Bon Iver & Sanfa) – Produced by Travis Scott, Justin Vernon, Wheezy, Wondagirl, Weggin & Buddy Ross
5. ‘God’s Country’ – Produced by 30 Rock & Daz Wright
6. ‘Siren’ (Feature Swae Lee) – Produced by Justice & Krishnamusic
7. Meltdown (ft. Drake) – Produced by Coleman, BNYX, Boi-1da, Vinylz & Tay Keith
8. ‘FE!N’ (ft. Playboi Carti & Shake Wes) – Produced by Travis Scott
9. ‘Delresto’ (Echoes) (feat. Beyoncé) – Produced by Hit-Boy & Umaru
10. ‘I know?’ – Produced by Coleman & OZ
11. “Topia Twins” (ft. 21 Savage & Rob49) – Produced by Travis Scott, Wheezy & Cadenza
12. “Circus Maximus” (ft. The Weeknd) – Produced by Travis Scott & Noah Goldstein
13. ‘PARASAIL’ – Produced by Travis Scott, Jahan Sweet, Buddy Ross & Weggin
14. ‘Skitzo’ (Feature Young Thug) – Produced by Boi-1da, Jahan Sweet, Nick Dean & Coleman
15. ‘Lost Forever’ (feat. Westside Gun & James Blake) – Produced by Travis Scott, Dom Maker, James Blake & The Alchemist
16. ‘LOOOVE’ – Produced by Travis Scott
17. ‘K-Pop’ (ft. The Weeknd & Bad Bunny) – Produced by BNYX®, Boi-1da, Illangelo, Jahan Sweet & DVLP
18. ‘Telekinesis’ (feat. Future & SZA) – Produced by Travis Scott & BoogzDabeast
19. “Until Further Notice” (Featuring 21 Savage & James Blake) – Produced by Metro Boomin

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