Beyoncé brings her own toilet seat to “Renaissance” tour shows

With three wins on Sunday (14), the singer reached the milestone of 14 awards. (Photo: reproduction)

British newspaper “The Sun” claims that Beyonce has her own toilet seats for each destination of her “Renaissance” world tour. That is, the singer travels only when she takes her personal belongings with her.

Starr’s team needs to make sure he never boards a ship being used by someone else, even if it’s worth thousands of dollars. A backstage photo from one of the performances shows a large black box labeled: “Beyoncé…toilet seats.”

A source told the paper, “Beyoncé is an exceptional artist who can literally ask for anything.”

According to “The Sun”, the professionals on the team do everything possible to ensure that he is comfortable and that a private toilet seat is among his requirements. “His tour roadies have seen it all, so it’s no big deal to him, but it does bring a smile to the faces of those who catch a glimpse of the brand’s container.”

asking for more? Yes!

According to the publication, when Beyoncé is taken backstage she also uses a custom golf cart covered with a black sheet to hide her identity.

Apart from this, the artist also has a VIP area with a huge dining area for him and his closest people. According to the newspaper, the team cannot stay within 50 meters of it.

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