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Jonathan Ramos

Between two Instagram photos three days apart, no one knows what’s going on“. This is the opinion of Robert Lewandowski, collecting L’equip, about the desire to spread on the network all his personal life. The blue garnet striker spoke to a French newspaper about his mental health. “Social networks, media… They all speak for you. There are times when people realize their dreams through you, and if you don’t achieve them, they get frustrated and take it out on you.“, Add.

A dangerous trend that affects many people in public, even turning into products that are consumed without regard to what is behind the publication. “I’m not perfect and I don’t know everything. Not everyone understands this. We have bad mornings, but we do our best to ensure that this does not affect our work. But it’s not easy“.

The Pole has been working for some time to ensure that the comments do not affect him. “A few years ago I realized that the best therapy is to talk to someone. This allows me to understand what is happening to me. Sometimes you just need to bring it to life“, – he admits. In addition, their daughters also play a key role to your mental well being. “In the morning The first thing I think about is raising my daughters and getting them ready for school.“, he admits.

“To this day I love my life, In Barcelona, ​​I discovered a new way of life. The smiles of my daughters accompany me in training and it makes me want to go“, – says the Barcelona striker. In his first season as a coulee, his family played a key role in his adaptation to Barcelona. Their results show that the acclimatization was extraordinary..

enviable physique

The Pole’s first season in La Liga turned out to be anthological. His 23 goals made him the Pichichi of the championship, and throughout the campaign he played everything that was and will be. There have been several occasions and most of them were out of the sport when he was not available for Xavi.

His physique is the key to always being ready to play anything. And while he’s never had a problem with temptation, there’s no difference between preseason and the rest of the year. “This is my lifestyle, I don’t have a vacation regime. I want to be fast and explosive so I don’t spend all day at the gym.” to recognize.

Even though Robert Lewandowski doesn’t devote so many hours to bodybuilding, he is physically perfect every day of the year. “I always move around 80kg and around 6% body fat, even when I’m on vacation.“. A lifestyle that goes along with the youthful metabolism that accompanies him despite being 34 years old, although it seems that he still has a few left at the highest level.

Jonathan Ramos

Jonathan Ramos is a journalist educated at the University of the Basque Country. A professional from Bilbao, he has developed his skills in local radio and Internet writing. passionate about football and

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