Beauty Secrets: This Is Supposedly How Brad Pitt Manages To Be One Of The Most Desirable Men On The Planet

brad pitt It was a trend in the last few hours, but this time, not because of something related to the actor’s world. The artist posted a video that went viral in which he talks about his secret to getting flawless skin.

,I use my serum, apply my moisturizing cream and finish. At night, I wash my face, apply serum, and finish”, Brad pointed out. The steps you follow in Pitt’s the only key to staying hydrated: Now I’ve launched a brand of cream to achieve that.

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It’s about Le Domaine, a line of products for genderless skin and developed together with the Perrin family, famous wine producers who grow pitts in the expanses of pink wine Château Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé Was also a partner of

At the age of 59, the actor has been listed as one of the most handsome men in the world by the international media and it seems his secret to maintaining beauty basically lies in following his daily routine.

,I wouldn’t bother developing these products if I didn’t see a difference in my skin”, says Brad Pitt about her The antioxidant power of the grapes that make up the Lujo cream, whose value soars to 275 euros,

This is also the key to flawless skin for an actor.

The great innovation that the Actor’s Cream introduces is GSM10, a molecule that took 15 years to develop and that combines the seeds of the Garnacha grape with the skin of the Syrah grape. This formula aims to combat oxidative stress responsible for collagen loss.

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