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The importance of using a multidisciplinary medical team in the treatment of cardiovascular disease was discussed at the Fourth Cardiovascular Conference at Plaza de la Salud General Hospital, which was attended by over 300 people.

The event is part of the Continuing Medical Education Program and is aimed at strengthening the cardiovascular approach in the provision of medical services in the country. It also received approval from the Medical School of the Iberoamerican University. (UNIBE) and the Dominican Society of Cardiology.

The conference was designed in the form of panels, consisting of medical specialists from various fields, who updated topics, cases and methods of treating patients in cardionephrology, cardioinfectionology, interventional cardiology and cardiovascular surgery; cardioneurology, etc.

In parallel, a “Heart Failure Workshop” was held, updating topics on what is a heart failure clinic and how it works, how a patient with heart failure is diagnosed, when to refer a patient to a heart failure clinic, what is the role of a nurse in the Falla clinic; among others.

This seminar was attended by doctors, relatives of doctors and nurses.

Physicians Julio Amado Castaños Guzmán, President of the Board of Trustees of the Plaza de la Salud Hospital; Nepomuceno Mejia, head physician; Henry Quesada, Senior Manager of Clinical and Outpatient Care; Violeta Gonzalez, Training Manager; Oscar Padilla, Cardiology Manager; . Pura Henriquez, Head of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, and Eunice Tavares, in charge of Heart Failure Consultation, are among the participants of the event.

Also Dr. Rosa Noemi Cueto, elected president of the Dominican Society of Cardiology.

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