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Monterrey.- The Monterrey government has begun with the Monterrey Digital+ system, with which they will aim to integrate remote modality into 100 percent of municipal procedures at the end of the administrative process.

Currently, the regional council is conducting 167 procedures, of which 26 have already been digitized.

According to Secretary for Innovation and Open Government Cynthia Smith, the start-up includes the start-up and construction processes, as these are the most complex procedures and the ones the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has been working with the municipality on. digitalization model.

During August, processing processes related to public services, civil protection and city hall will be included; while those related to urban development will be released in September.

“It’s not about doing it fast, it’s not about doing it well. If it were to be done quickly, then it would be to remove the procedures as they are and load them all, but that would be a mistake, ”he said.

The main goal, according to Monterrey Mayor Luis Donaldo Colosio, is to provide citizens with the comfort of bureaucratic processes, as well as eliminate fraud and extortion through electronic security mechanisms.

Through the Sovereign app, which is decentralized from the royal government, a citizen will be able to verify their digital identity to manage information at will and avoid repetitive identification processes.

“With this tool, I only have to check it once, and the system already knows that everything is up to date, in order, and that it is me. This allows us to avoid many idiotic documents, and the municipality to avoid many idiotic documents that we have already considered,” Colosio Riojas said.

Thus, the response time when using digital procedures should be reduced by 45 percent.

11 modules will be installed throughout the municipality to advise citizens who need attention when using this modality:

  • KAM Toucan Park
  • CAM Park Aztlan
  • CAM Garza Sada
  • civil protection
  • Traffic and traffic control
  • Citizen Participation
  • Public services
  • Municipal Palace SAM
  • Center we take over
  • Department of Alcohol and Shows
  • Secretariat for Sustainable Urban Development

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