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Adele continues her successful season of concerts “Weekend With Adele” in Las Vegas. And now it is a trend to give a strong message to our fanatics.

in one of your shows he finished The Coliseum of Caesars Palace, It was here that the British spoke to his audience about recent incidents at various concerts by other artists who also left the heredo due to items being issued by the public.

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It is because of the above, that Adele took a while to send a clear message to her followers And maybe your Mexican fans better think next time it’s Adventure Un Dr. Simi.

“Have you seen how people are, have you forgotten the label of damnation on the show? People are throwing shit on the stage, have you seen them?” Adele asked the crowd.

“Straight people, straight people who dare to throw something at me and hit me”, Bromio singer demanded from the public that he came to terms with things on stage, “¡Allow artists to release stuff!”

very ironically, The artist said this when he was releasing it to public players because of his shows, something he’s been doing since he began his residency in Las Vegas, and he do it with a special pistol to give to the people.

The tradition of launching Dr. Simi

it must be remembered For Mexicans, throwing a plush dr is a whole tradition. simi In recognition of the celebrity performing.

Even fans have now seen and decorated the famous plush to look like their favorite artist, the clearest example was Rosalia, who received a ton of stuffed animals during his concerts in National Auditorium.

National tradition in 2021 during the corona capital When Gayan Arora appeared at the top of the platform.

El Dr. Simi Salio Volando Hacia La Interpreter, Queen Lo took Del Suelo, hugged him and then smiled at his fans, since then other artists like Dua Lipa, Harry Styles or Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, Han received this favor.

Artists to whom he has released things on the platform

Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini and Pink are just some of the artists who have been victims of people throwing things on stage during their performances.

First, baby rexa I walked from there until it was dark before my eyes, a man threw a cell phone, which hit him in the head.

The 27-year-old man was arrested and charged with assault by New York City police for intentionally throwing his phone to cause harm.

for your part, kelsia ballerini It was also inherited in the middle of their show in Boise, Idaho, that a man in the public threw up what looked like a bracelet.

singer Charlie Puth, However, who is not one of the victims of the public, he decided to comment on the matter on his Twitter account.

“This tendency to throw things at artists who are already on stage must end. (Bebe, Ava, Y Ahora Kelsea Ballerini…) It’s very disrespectful and very dangerous. Please, let them just enjoy the music.” ”, Musician wrote.

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pink It was one of those celebrities who received an object despite not harming anyone, the fact that it was inconvenient for her to carry a fan on her back and a bag with her dead mother’s seniza during her presentation . at the British Summer Time Festival in London.

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