Adele Reveals Herself Against Viral Challenge To Take Mobiles From Artists: “I Kill Them”

Being a fan of a musical artist is a common thing, which is usually beneficial for both parties. One enjoys music and performing and the other wants to see their work recognized and supported. The problem can come when it is ‘fanaticism’. Starting to exceed limits and endanger physical or mental integrity from any party.

an example of Elo is what it appears to be The latest fashion that has spread among some fans I’ve got one of my favourites. It started decently, but took a turn for the worse until it had to repent for physical damage. It is not a fashion to take mobile with the artist while acting.

In the beginning, this is what people in the front row of the concert do, who reach out to the artist standing on the stage, with the intention of snatching something and then returning it to their dueno. Sometimes complex objectives. In the face of longing and desperation to have it, this is what happened to some people fan launch phone from any partReaching out to the artist with force, with risks to both him and the rest of the public.

The most recent and controversial case occurred at a Bebe Rexha concert in New York, when she launched a mobile phone and it hit her in the face. The singer had to suffer the consequences remove the floor of the pain and you’ll have to get suture stitches Por la gravedad de la herrida. The security of the concert reveals who was the cause of the aggression, even if it was not intended to harm the artist.

Este hecho dio la vuelta al mundo y lego a los ojos y oidos de otros artist, que han empanzado a fear the same thing will happen to them In a practice that seems to be becoming more and more popular due to the frenzy of some fans. The last person to speak on this topic has been popular adeleAt one of his most recent concerts.

The ‘Hello’ singer told her audience with a T-shirt pistol in hand: «i dare somethin to throw at me and i kick em shit up», which he hinted at earlier: “Do you know there are people who go to concerts and forget those silly rules of behavior and carry objects on stage? Have you seen them?” .

The award-winning British singer’s tone was mocking, but in the background I also wanted to make the message clear about how important it is to behave properly at concerts and not harm the artists or the public, something that sounds obvious but it seems That it has been forgotten in his practice. Esto forced the audience to laugh and applaud and at the end launched a T-shirt saying: «stop throwing objects at artists You pass it on to other people”, protesting again in a tone of humour.


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