A Mental Health Plan Monitoring Committee is underway that will be cross-cutting and will focus on young and old


The Government of La Rioja, through the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, has launched the La Rioja Mental Health Plan 2021-2025 Monitoring Committee to “get started” and “put on the table all the current and future improvements we can make.” The plan, which will cover all aspects, will be strongly focused on young and old.

Committee for “effective work in the prevention of diseases, and in the protection and promotion of health.” In addition, it will be “cross-cutting, dynamic and open to all possible proposals”, and this will, among other things, affect “geriatric psychiatry and the education of the youngest”.

This is how the President of the Government of La Rioja, Gonzalo Capellan, and the Minister of Health and Human Services, Maria Martin, expressed their opinion this Friday, a few minutes before participating in the previous meeting on the plan and thus “responding to the big problems that any society faces, such as La Rioja, which wants to have a high level of well-being and quality of life for the people,” Kapelyan assured.

“That,” he continued, “because it was one of the health issues that went unseen and caused significant stigma, but we also saw it grow and affect all segments of the population, but especially obesity and also in a post-pandemic context among youth and the elderly.”

The President of the region recalled that “as we have already said, we are going to direct all the necessary resources to solve this problem from prevention, from maintaining and to restoring the mental health of the affected people.”


To do this,” he continued, “we have incorporated a novelty into the organizational structure of the Ministry of Health and Social Policy, namely the creation of a Special Directorate-General for the development of a mental and emotional health strategy. And all this thanks to the connection between social policy and the entire health sector.

That is why today “we are activating the working group, which has already been collaborating since the first Plan in 2016, interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary, to effectively address this problem.”

“And we will do this together with the professionals of the hospital, the Rioja Health Service, the ministry itself, the social services of La Rioja, the associations, the Collegium of Psychologists, the La Rioja Nursing Service, the Hope Phone, with UR …”, he listed.


For her part, Minister of Health and Human Services Maria Martin emphasized the importance that “from the beginning” this government has placed on mental and emotional health and, in particular, disease prevention and the protection and promotion of health.

Martin recognized the importance of transversality in this regard, especially in the fields of education, health, social policy and of course “hand in hand with all associations that can contribute.”

A plan that has an impact on geriatric psychiatry, which is of key importance, as well as on the education of young people. “There are examples like the Juan Bosco Schools projects that were pioneers in Spain and that will continue to operate and expand.”


Regarding the lack of specialized staff, the consultant explained that this is “one of the challenges we face when it comes to achieving these milestones in both psychiatry and clinical psychology.” But, as he admits, “it can be provided in many ways, and we are working on it. It is true that throughout Spain there is a lack of professionals in these fields, we have a state system, but also professional associations and concerts. with clinics that can help us, and they really help us in this regard.”

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