A glimpse of Margot Robbie in the promotion of “Barbie” and the beginning of a new program in Camila Cunha’s column

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Barbie off screen!

Even before the release of the long-awaited Barbie movie (it will come out soon, on the 20th), the only thing talking about the doll is, oops, I mean, actress Margot Robbie. It seems that the marketing strategy also includes the look used by the blonde. It’s not just the fashionable looks that are often seen on stars at movie premieres. And of course, reimaginings of iconic Barbie costumes from various decades. Styling Technique. During the promotional tour, Margot wore one color and dozens of different looks, several replicas of Barbie made by Versace, Chanel, Moschino…

How to forget Barbie’s dream wardrobe? She had a lot of professions… so, it was all possible styles (laughs)… doctor, teacher, skater, cowgirl and even mermaid. The idea of ​​letting the offscreen doll of the actress live also further strengthens the barbicore trend. Yes, we have already talked here, haven’t we? The Barbie Jinha footprint look is a great bet. Lots of pink, mini skirts, sets, bows, head to toe pink… I’ve separated out photos of tour looks and some inspiration too. Ahh, what nostalgia, huh? I loved!

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#lookoftheday + It’s trending!

Today’s look is different (laughs). This is an ad/novelty! I used it for recording my new venture! Perhaps you have already heard or seen me in charge of the DNA program on CDN Radio, or TV Diario, where we commented on the trajectories of personalities standing in different fields of activity in Santa Maria and in the region. The truth is that I will be there. but now, with A new program, TÁ EM ALTA!

We continue casual conversations with interviewers on topics that are increasingly trending in social networks and conversation circles. Each program has a new agenda and a new guest. Spoiler: We started with memes of network betrayal and showdown, personal and legal opinions about the “Neymar” case, and Gugu’s legacy, will, stable union… Viral signs, but what else does astrology tell us? Let’s understand more about this… Digital marketing and “gurus” who convert ideas of millions of followers into tons of figures… Oh, I’m excited! it’s gonna be awesome.

Tá em Alta airs on Tuesdays from 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm and on Saturdays from 2 pm to 3 am. The re-telecast is on Thursdays and Sundays from 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

I hope you!

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